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We are looking for Dogging sites in the denver area. Does anybody know of any?


That right threesome is wanted so email for detail.


We're both interested in persuing our BDSM desires and have recently gained guest passes to a local BDSM club. We are possibly interested in joining the club. However neither of us have been to one or know what to expect. We want to meet and learn from like minded people of this lifestyle but don't want to come off and typical newbies or wanna be's. Please if anyone has serious and sincere tips or insights feel free to let us know. Thank you.


Okay so lately I've been checking out BDSM and no I haven't nor do I ever intend on reading Shades of Grey Anyway it's a huge turn on for me I find it fascinating and I just like the thought of it altogether There are a few things first though I've never even had sex before I don't believe in sex before marriage It's a personal choice I made for myself because I don't want to get hurt like some other girls do when they sleep with a guy who they think is great then he breaks up with them ...
Answers from will give you the answer to any swinger related questions. There is a large community of swingers from waiting to answer your swinger questions.