Sweet Tooth! Introducing Carmel Candi to Swinging

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The BBBJ Jewel from Cali’s IE

5:14AM on July 13, 2008

Sweet Tooth: Carmel Candi
(c) 2007 Alley Cat Media

This is a story about an exceptional bbbj-girl, Carmel Candi, whom I met when she was 19 and looking to get into adult modeling. She already had mainstream Lady Enyce, Ebony Showcase and Las Vegas Magic modeling experience under her belt. As most in the business know, however, those gigs are big on glamour and small on paydays.

Carmel sent a message to my Las Vegas office address asking to meet me when next I was in Southern California. She wanted a mentor. Mentor? Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

On my first available weekend in Southern California, I called Carmel and arranged to meet in the Inland Empire near her home, two hours outside of Vegas and about an hour from my home in Cali. We went to dinner, chatted, and felt each other out over the leisurely repast. She wanted to see my home (a variation on the “let me show you my prints” maneuver) and agreed to meet me there later that night.

Carmel arrived within fifteen minutes of our appointment but called earlier and advised that she’d be a bit late. She parked and sauntered to the door with that peculiar model’s gait. She was friendly, affable and engaging but ready to get down to business (yeah, see my home, my ass).

Carmel is not the least bit shy. She immediately removed her clothing but for her sexy boyshorts. I didn’t complain; she looked hot in them. After a cursory embrace and a peck on my cheek and neck, Carmel , obviously named for her luxuriant and creamy skin-tone, dragged my man-meat from its refuge and ladled it with her tongue and mouth. I noticed piercings in her tongue and on her belly-button but no tattoos. The tongue stud didn’t interfere with the bbbj-cim (cum in mouth), expertly rendered. Her oral skills belie her youth.

Carmel deep-throated me repeatedly, forcing squeals from within me that I didn’t know existed. I shot squirts down her throat within ten minutes but she kept going…and going…and going. After twenty minutes or so she noticed the cum dripping down my stalk and asked if I had cum yet. I replied that I had; she asked if I could go on. I could, so away we went.

She sucked, slurped and slathered my pole up one side, down the next and ’round its perimeter for a full, non-stop forty-five minutes before I throttled into an intense orgasm. Spunk filled her mouth; she smiled and rose. After spitting into the sink, Carmel tongue-massaged my nipples, electrifying my staff back into a salute. Then she covered and mounted me and rode for the hills.

She was exhilirating; makes an old man proud. We ended with missionary that was anything but routine – the girl’s a star. I came again, shuddering as she flexed her pussy around my dick, force-feeding her cunt with what was left of my condom-restrained production. Carmel was certainly not new to sex.

Carmel’s a young, sexy, lean, 5’10” Belizean with perky breasts, a talented tongue and enterprising pussy. Makes me wanna holler. By the way, she mentioned that she has a few friends – 18, 19 and 20 year-olds – who would join in if requested. Maybe next time.

That was two years ago and she has only gotten better. I had her roll through my booth at Erotica L.A. in 2007 and she’s made other promotional rounds with me as arm candy and nighttime entertainment in Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Atlanta, and at swing parties, particularly Maria’s Ndeavours parties in Los Angeles, as my “potluck” contribution.

Recently, we shot her first scenes for the website that impends. Now a talented 23-year-old, Carmel has come to love the swinging lifestyle, particularly sexy women and strapped and hung, virile men.

Good sex never does a girl bad, huh?

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