Are these people swingers?

My boyfriend and I stayed at a hotel last night, for a night away and we were down having drinks in the hot tub at the hotel, when this couple (in their 30’s-40’s) came and sat in it with it. Being friendly, we all struck up conversation and at 11pm the hotel staff came and shut down the pool. This new couple we met asked if we wanted to continue to drink with them in our room. We said sure, we just thought this couple wanted to drink with us, socially.
Throughout the night the lady kept asking me to go to her room and get more vodka/cranberry drink with her. I said sure, since my boyfriend and her husband were talking. I didn’t think anything of it, just friendly people. She then asked me for my phone number and I gave it to her, being friendly. We went back down to where the guys were drinking. This married woman was sitting very close to me and was close to me all night long in general. She made very strong, agressive contact with me and was asking me if I truly LOVED my boyfriend. She kissed me on the cheek and was very friendly with me. I felt very violated and didn’t like her friendliness.

We had just met this couple at the pool an hour prior to all of this happening. Is there a chance that couple were swingers and they wanted me and my boyfriend to engage in it with them??
She also kept saying “i see so much of you in me” whats that suppose to mean? She was just weird. Kissing me in the elevator, i turned my head right away and she only got my cheek, but still. Weird. Her agressive look in her eyes, why did she make me look so deep into her eyes for eye contact. Weird. Anyone else think so??

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