what do people think of swingers, especially if they have kids?

having recently chatted with a swinger in normal day life i find myself troubled with the notion of their lifestyle when they are married and they have kids. ive read answers which generally suggest its the choice and lifestyle of the parents and kids have to respect their privacy and in a nutshell butt out or move out. i saw one guy express finding evidence of his mother with 3 guys at the same time and still people were pushing that leave her to it view. i am not a religious guy but i do believe the notion craps all over marriage and common decency and respect in an increasingly more liberal and messed up world, generating more troubled individuals. call me old fashioned but if my mum had it off with a number of guys at the same time while my dad enjoyed it i couldn’t sit there and pretend that they knew a damn thing about love and respect, that my friends is plain old SICK! i believe kids have the right to grow up and be raised in a respectful environment and parents have no right to do such hyprocryitical things. one of the greatest things you can say when your parents are long gone is they were such respectable role models that demonstrated true love by being loyal and faithful to eachother for the rest of their time together. its the stuff stories are made of. not, my parents were good parents but im left with the unpleasant memory of them participating in orgies and gangbangs, good on them! am i loosing my mind or are there plenty of people that feel it is plain wrong like me?

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