MsBambie swinging with N’Deavours by Maria

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Ms Bambie swings at Maria’s Ndeavours
4:32AM on October 14, 2008

Ms Bambie swinginÆ through the weekend at MariaÆs Ndeavours
® 2008 Alley Cat Media

Dateline: September 27, 2008

A fella called YELLADICKGIVER wrote to Ms Bambie, ôHow’s your weekend?ö Since he asked, and everyone wants to know, here is the climax of Ms BambieÆs weekend:

Ms Bambie and I attended a swinger party in Los Angeles, near LAX, on Saturday night. Two members of our Naughty Gurlz Parties swinger group met us there for a SwingatMariasNdeavours inter-ethnic party. My friend, Maria the Hawaiian Heat, hosts these parties monthly in Los Angeles and every other week in San Diego. Maria has one of the largest interracial, internet-based swinger groups around with over 50,000 members worldwide.

Ms Bambie rummaged through her walk-in closet and emerged wearing black, skin-tight pants painted onto her curvaceous lower trunk and her sculpted legs. One could get dizzy following the contours of her southern extremities, seasick even, just by letting the mindÆs eye roll along her anatomical hills and valleys.

Begin with the gluteal enormousness once called gluteus maximus but, thanks to a friend we call Bestchoc, is now known as Ass Almighty. Cartographers know it as Great Mountain of the Massive Ass, a dense, expansive and fortified structure higher than Mount Whitney. The rare air atop that monster of muscularity makes the descent to the femoral biceps (back of her thighs) a thrill ride the rival of anything that Six Flags Over Texas might offer.

Your eyes ski down the chocolate slopes into the small of her knee and then slingshot across her gastrocnemius muscles. Centripetal forces hold you into the descent leading to the Achilles tendon and æround the heel. You envision the HersheyÆs syrup sweating down her inner thighs and your mouth moistens.

We strut into MariaÆs party early, as is my custom, bringing with us Tim and Laria from our swinger group (ôTimö and ôLariaö are pseudonyms). Tim is 40-ish, slender, tall and easy going with brown hair and eyes. An ex-Marine (if there is such a thing as an ex-Marine), he carries himself quietly forceful. Ms Bambie, who is turned on by blond hair/blue eyed white guys is taken by TimÆs strong good looks, considers his presentation and speculates as to his ôpackage.ö She expects that he is not packinÆ much.

Laria is a stout, shapely lady, Asian ethnically, with intelligence written all over her countenance. She is seductive without effort and thick in all of the best, sexiest ways. Laria wears a kimono-influenced dressing gown that hugs her form to wondrous and flattering effect. She is bejeweled in stunning gold chains and rings. Hungry eyes follow her as she crosses the room.

Ms Bambie, after chatting in the sitting room for an hour, retires to one of the bedrooms in the suite to get the party started û with me. As we begin our passionate mattress dance, Tim and Laria begin theirs in the bed next to ours. We like nothing better than serious swingers who come to play, not parry.

Ms Bambie and I are not the focus of this story so IÆll spare you the details. It is Tim and Ms Bambie about whom I want to report.

After dispatching me with her usual efficiency, Ms Bambie showers and looks for Tim. He has deposited himself in the sitting room while Laria and I engage one another in a sizzling liaison that began with succulent fellatio, tenderly rendered. As Laria licks cream remnants from my spigot, Ms Bambie enters the room with Tim in tow. His dick is already battling its girding as his eyes lust after Ms BambieÆs demolition derriere.

Tim falls to the bed, undressing as he alights. Ms Bambie, already naked with bulging, buffed vulva follows Tim, landing across his trunk. TimÆs pole stiffens to full mast and Ms Bambie swallows it in one gulp. Tim gasps as his legs lock. They are off to the races.

Ms Bambie towels TimÆs dick with her tongue, gums and lips expertly, his dick pulsing repeatedly under the assault. His penile veins bulge as TimÆs dick battles for parity in what is Ms BambieÆs turf clearly. Laria and I, in the adjacent bed, are so busy attending to each other that we have to steal glances at Ms Bambie and Tim performing their own mattress mambo next to us.

Ms Bambie moans and sighs as she entertains her salivary glands with TimÆs pre-cum delights; Tim simply moans. Rallying a few minutes into it, Tim wraps his lips around Ms BambieÆs vulva majora. Tim tickles the pussyÆs lips with his tongue while working his way to Ms BambieÆs honey hole (not to be mistaken for the Hershey tunnel). Ms Bambie accommodates Tim by straddling his face in the classic 69 position done right. Her pussy is dripping dew and Tim slurps while swallowing; he doesnÆt miss a drop. Ms Bambie is impressed.

Twenty minutes into the 69, Tim pulls Ms Bambie from his stalk and flattens her into the missionary position. Ms Bambie flexes her thighs and ratchets her knees up to her ears û ôCum to me, sweetie. Put it right here,ö says she. Tim inserts himself and throttles into gear. TimÆs dick swells with excitement and Ms BambieÆs eyes widen û WTF? From where did he get all THAT dick? ôIt wasnÆt there a minute ago,ö she seems to say. Tim unfurled his stealth missile to Ms BambieÆs amazement û and appreciation.

He whispers to her, ôI donÆt cum so I donÆt want you to think itÆs you. I never cum.ö Of course, Ms Bambie takes that as a challenge. Tim begins the piston thrusts and Ms Bambie holds on as his massive meat monster catches her by surprise completely as it continues to engorge. She says to herself again, WTF? Tim is masterful and lovingàyeah, loving. He says to her how beautiful she is, repeatedly, and his eyes drip with longing. Ms Bambie smiles at the adoration but focuses on the task at hand. Less talk, more action.

With Ms BambieÆs legs now outstretched and toes pointing skyward, Tim tilts forward onto his toes and bangs away. Ms Bambie bends into a pretzel in response to TimÆs charge, her body forming a letter V. Onlookers roll in and out of the room awaiting their turn with the sexy Ms Bambie but Tim ainÆt nearly done. ItÆs passed the hour mark and heÆs going strong.

Slowing to a walk, Tim removes himself from Ms Bambie and drags her ass wagon to the edge of the bed. Once situated, he licks her clit vigorously, dragging his tongue gingerly across the length of her pussy. Tim inserts his tongue deeply into Ms BambieÆs joy tunnel as if searching for a lost watch, jewelry or rare coins. He plunges his tongue so deeply that the back of his throat echoes the sounds of Tim sipping Ms BambieÆs sensuous MoÙt.

TimÆs wood returns so he remounts Ms Bambie as they round the 90-minute mark. HeÆs stroking with authority and Ms Bambie, obviously still in awe, holds on and keeps up. Tim layers Ms BambieÆs neck and face with wet kisses, searching eagerly for her mouth. Alas, Ms Bambie kisses only me so TimÆs efforts are deflected. Unfazed, Tim continues the endearments as he tenderizes Ms BambieÆs passion fruit further.

Switch reels. They change positions again and Ms Bambie is back into fellatio, deep-throating TimÆs sausage without gagging. Tim requites Ms Bambie by burying his head in her cum canal. Their bodies link together as they rock the bed and roll the room. They match stroke for stroke, lick for lick, slurp for slurp, and then Tim grabs Ms BambieÆs waist, twisting her into the ass-backward position known as Doggy Style.

Tim grips her hips firmly and plugs Ms BambieÆs juice pot with his pole. He rams her from the rear with a steady, long-pull motion that drags his dick out to its head before plunging into Ms BambieÆs happy harbor, cozying up to his pubis. Ms Bambie buries her head in the sheets as Tim has his way with that pussy. Tim has found the golden ring and ainÆt lettinÆ go.

Tim pounds away for what seems an eternity before shifting positions again, this time to the cowgirl. Ms Bambie mounts her steed and heads for them thar hills. Riding rambunctiously, Ms Bambie bounds valiantly with her arms held akimbo, later raising them to her head with her elbows cupping her ears. Her spine undulates as an erotic snake in the midst of a seizure, rocking TimÆs resolve.

Over her shoulder, Ms Bambie vets my technique with Laria. WeÆre embraced in a 77 (spoon) position nearing the end of our event. I am scant minutes away from my own terminal action, pushing my rod as deeply into Laria from the rear as her internal architecture will allow. We are one unit making something as unlikely as love at a swinger party; the heat sizzles from our bed and our own passion immolates us. Unfortunately, this isnÆt our anecdote. Pity. It would be a hot one.

Tim flips Ms Bambie back into missionary. Ms Bambie then locks her thighs, trapping TimÆs dick in her juicy pussyÆs cavern and rapidly pounds up into him. Yeah, Ms Bambie is now fucking HIM. Just when you thought youÆd seen it all. Tim contorts his face in a pleasant way and drives for the advantage. Ms Bambie is in charge now, though. Tim stiffens suddenly in the peculiar rigor mortis of ejaculation. His nutts drain into his condom as he embraces Ms BambieÆs ass and waist with whole arms, exhaling loudly. Tim paints Ms BambieÆs neck with his kisses, massaging her collar with his lips as he savors the orgasm.

Tim apologizes for cumming. Ms Bambie smiles knowingly. They are one for one; this is his first time cumming at a party. This is her first time falling to a stereotype; never again for her. She is now impressed dutifully.

Ms Bambie rises, thanks Tim, then sets off to shower and seek out her next victim. Ms Bambie strides through the sitting room and throws the entire assemblage off-balance. The perfect form of her thighs and ass package drops jaws along her route and fixes many a gaze in her direction. The girl sizzles even as she struts.


Can I possibly be committed and go ‘soft swing’ wi

Some of you that know me know that I LOVE to get freaky at the Naughty and Nice parties. I mean – full core, hard on, the freakier the better sometimes!! I love going down on my partners, looking up at them while I am servicing them, asking if they like it, knowing by their reactions that they do, if they want it slower, or faster.

There is one special guy who I have been DYING to have. He is a fantastic lover. I have watched him many, MANY times going down on women, making them beg for him to be with them. I watched my first MFM threesome with him, and I went down on the ladies husband (my first foursome!!) and it was the most terrific orgasm she gave me. She is so erotic, her breasts are perfect and natural, they melt in your mouth, her ass is perfect – the way it bounces while he was fucking her from behind. I was on her husband – and I must tell you he is great too!! His ability to talk dirty to me while I was giving him head – I honestly thought I would come right then – being his dirty librarian, his sex slave, begging to do more.

I am in a semi-relationship (a little strange, I know!!) and we both go to swinger parties – the same to be precise. He is a stunning man – the body of a GOD and hung like one too. He can honestly please more women in one night than I thought possible. We were on the bed, and six women were taking turns blowing him, kissing him, touching him, riding him, all while he was pleasuring me with his hand. I came six times … just hearing everyone else get off!!

Here is my dilemma : do I full core swing anymore, or do I commit to him? We have discussed this, and he is not so happy with sharing all of the intimate parts of our new relationships with another man – but all is fair for us bringing in another woman. There is still one guy (that I wrote about about above) who I really REALLY want to fuck. He is so sexy – the boy next door, rocking body, beautiful cock. I would love to have one more three or foursome with him before committing to anyone.

So much cock – sooo little time!! I just wish the parties were LONGER …. 🙂

For those of us who LOVE to play!!! Hot bi-women e

I have been to many play parties, both extremely kinky and vanilla, and I have to say if you guys are looking for the BEST time, come to a Naughty and NICE party!!!

I LOVE these parties. I have played with some of the hottest swingers in AZ here. The atmosphere is laid back …. and the women are irresistible. I have had some of my hottest women first times at these parties 🙂

My first kiss with a woman was here. She is gorgeous – and her lips, I don’t know if you can remember the first time you have ever kissed a woman … I can. I have never felt something so sensuous, so powerful in my entire life!!! Rubbing against her, kissing her lips, her neck … it was the most erotic experience I have had … until we moved it to the pool.

I brought my water proof vibrator – and had a phenomenal orgasm with her! With everyone around us kissing – it was fantastic. Licking her nipples, tasting her thighs ….

Moving inside to a bed where 2 other couples joined us. That same night I gave my first women an orgasm. I thought being with a man who orgasmed was fantastic. It does not compare to the sounds and sites of a beautiful woman coming all over your lips and your tongue – touching her so softly … hearing her moan and move while she is servicing her husband. That was an incredible night!!

Then moving to the men, watching them get more and more excited – putting there hard cocks in my mouth, licking and softly sucking their balls until they are ready to scream.

My next fantasy is to tie him, up, blindfold him and ride him at a party!!! I think he will like that gift 🙂

What ever happened to Hello?

Good afternoon again! I have another point I would like to get off my chest and again, please feel free to comment either publicly or privately on this….!

On another site, K and I recieved an email requesting to see our private photos that we keep locked up until that time which we have spoken to those people or individuals enough to allow access to our private photos. Yes, without a doubt, K has most or all of the photos up there….not to hide how hideous I (S) am but because of privacy. This is how we recieved the email, “Could we peek at your locked pics, plsss.”

We have never chatted with these people before….don’t know if we have met them at a party or not…and out of the blue, want us to just open our locked photos. I replied in jest, how bold a request from someone we don’t know and they took offense.

Many in the lifestyle choose to keep what goes on behind close doors private from the rest of the world…..and that is our right and choice. I guess if you really want to see the photos that people have chosen to keep private, maybe start by saying HELLO! What a novel idea! I guess it goes back to the respect thing I spoke about in an earlier blog.

We are not ashamed of our lifestyle….in fact we LOVE our lifestyle and embrace it. However, I don’t think some employers, school teachers or friends of my son’s friends or even some church members would agree with me…..nor do they have too. That is why we keep them private until we feel comfortable enough to share everything. We don’t feel this is too much to ask and from the people we have met in the lifestyle, have heard those sentiments reciprocated numerous times.

People, if you wanna play and want to know if the chemistry is there, start by saying hello. Don’t ask for photos to be shown or expect photos to be shown to you with out a little interpersonal communication first. We put up the pics we want people to see and have locked away those we don’t unless we know you. Pretty simple concept.

Thank you,

S & K

fake out

ok, tonight i went on line to my mail… in brooklyn tonite, single males, came from a swingers site so i figured it would be something to do on a sat. nite, so i called the number, a sexy latino woman answerd, said yes we are having a party the entrance fee is 20 dollars, now i figure 20 dollars ios nothing to bust a nut, mind u i live on long island and have to drive to bklyn for this shot of pussy, or rather a few shots, oi get to brrklyn, this attracttive latino woman greets me at the door, she is hot, big titties, phat azzzz, and a prtty smile, we go upstairs, she grabs my dick through my pants…oh yeah, when we talked on the phone before i got there, damn, she said she loves to suck dick, she likes facials and she swallows, that rite there was enoughtto get this dick hard. so after she plays with my dick and after i paid the twenty spot we go to a room, she says i usually get my money up front, i saiid really, how much is the up front money, she says 75, damn, i said that is strange thought this was a swingerrs party or a gang bang at least, she said no, so i just started ffiguring out what to do, she told the woman of the househouse fgirrl gave me back my money, i told her i thought it was swing she saidthat is what she does, this is just some type of business she does, then she prromptly gave me gback my money and a card so we can go swingin….

almost ready to ride that horse again!

Ok! a few more weeks of recovery and this pink ovaried (guys got blue balls, we ladies get pink Duh!) lady will be ready to hop on some good cock and lick some clit! After I of course take a week straight and fuck the living shit out of my man Bear… Been sooooo darn horny and the evil bastard has been teasing me so much and keying me up! Even if he gets worn raw from me, I’m getting my horny revenge and i’ll make him duct tape it straight to fuck me! So,, who out there will be making time for us soon? luckily, we do have someone who can watch from time to time our newborn.. and oh.. I do have lots and lots of milk in my breasts, so you lactating fiends out there,, come and get it! 😉

Getting Started pt 8 – Houston we have contact

Getting started pt 7 – Houston, we have CONTACT

Alrighty then —

Lets suppose, you have COLABORATED on a profile, and put it out there on a few sites.. A couple o days have gone by.. ( usually, less than that, but anything is possible) and as you sign in to your Special Email, you find a letter saying to come read a letter on the site..

You follow the links, sign in out there, and read the email..

Suppose an email like this comes inà


We came across your profile, WoW! We were blown away! We loved your profile and what we have learned so far..

Then What?


Should we reply?

What to say, when you write back?


Ok.. First off, lets back up. The nice letter, is from people who already are interested in YOU.. So, pull their profile up..

What does it say? Hopefully, its as Detailed as yours is.. Do their ôwantsö match yours?

Ok, here is the best course of action, Show the profile and the letter to your SO, and ask them what they think..

Then write them back.. This can take only TWO possible tracks.. The First, a positive one.. The Second a negative.. And the reason WHY you would write back to a writer that isnÆt your cup o tea, to politely explain that you arenÆt interested is for ONE simple reason..

Do what you would expect for yourselves.. Or.. Better yet, because, its simply EASIER to let the folks know, so they donÆt KEEP writing you.. You would be AMAZED, how many times this can and will happen if they donÆt know your position..

So, If every thing is good so far, Say hello, and introduce yourselves.. Explain that you are still new to all of this, and be clear that as such you arenÆt sure where this all might lead.. If they do not have simple pictures on their profile , ASK for one.. Do not go overboard, Keep it SIMPLE.. You arenÆt writing a BOOK.. LOL

Now then, points to make,

FIRST.. Never share your Off site email BEFORE exchanging a few letters back and forth.. This ensures that they are for real, and gives you a chance to try and gauge where they might be coming from.. Do they seem OVER EAGER? Or what we refer to as PUSHY..

Let me explain this a bit more.. From our PERSONAL point of VIEW..
We have over the years gotten tons of letters, most are great, then there are those that from the first letter, put their phone number on it, AND want you to call..

Or they are so excited to meet you they want to do it.. In an hour, tomorrow night.. Saturday at 5:43PM in front of WENDYÆS..

NEVER do this, as eager as they are, More Often than NOT, they WONöT be respectful of your PACE, or more to the point, How slowly you want to go.. Before you are comfortable.

Its better to hold off, for a more understanding responder..

Getting back to the point, Lets imagine, that, later that night they reply to your letter, attach a nice g rated picture, and maybe a picture with a bit MORE Exposure.. They include their off site address, and a messenger screen name..

How you proceed is up to you, if itÆs a service you already use, and your LIFESTYLE email address is on, Like Yahoo, or MSN/hotmail .. You certainly can open a chat window and see if they are on.. And or send a offline message..

Or you could reply thru the service, with another letter. Again, this is entirely up to you, But as was detailed above, BE CLEAR, as to your experience level, and how quickly, or slowly you want to go..

We have talked over the years with plenty of newbies, even broke a few in.. lol.. But the constant is, letting them, or in this case YOU set your own pace..

Anyone you are in contact with MUST be understanding of this.. itÆs a choice not everyone wants to make, some prefer to go with people that KNOW what they want, and are sure they are INTO IT..

YÆsee, it has also happened that, after spending a few weekends together, out to Dinner, and when it got down to the final moments, in a nice quiet motel room, She was so nervous, she was shaking really bad.. as the clothes started coming off, Fumbling with clothing, I tool her hands and asked her if she wanted to stop. She said in a real quiet voice, yes.. And that was the end of the night.. Her husband and my wife, stopped, and we sat down and talked..

She wanted to go thru with it, but wasnÆt ready.. She was afraid, of everything. (THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL!!) and was almost sick with the nervous tension. I explained that I understood, and we DIDNÆT have to do anything.. Her husband was pissed, and I even offered to take her for a cup of coffee, and let them continue.. Instead he said No, they were going home..

We salvaged the night, by spending it together, my wife and I. After we got home the next day, we got a call, and it was the other woman. I put her on the phone with my wife, and they talked for the better part of an hour and a half. From what I was told, the whole ride home he was pissed, that she didnÆt ôjust do itö.. My wife explained that it wasnt the way WE do this, for starters.. And that, her issue was, not what you may be thinking.. Despite feeling MY REACTION.. She was afraid to be completely naked, with us.. The having sex part didnÆt bother her, She wanted thatà it was being nude..

The following weekend, we set things up close to the same again, and had another date.. This time however, Instead of getting things started the same, a clandestine trip was put together.. Right after we got the room, and got in, My wife need something more to drink, so off to 7-11 we went, He and I.. we grabbed the stupid drinks, and went back.. Having been gone 10 to 15 minutes, it gave them the time they had discussed.. And when we got back, both beautiful women were NEARLY naked.. In some sexy lingerie.. Lounging on the bed together.. ( OH GOD!! ONE IN RED, THE OTHER IN BLACK.. LACE.. SILK.. HOT DAMN!!)

Needless to say, it was a GREAT FUCKING NIGHT.. No nerves.. With plenty of firsts.. For them and even one for my wife..

Now what was the point behind that?

Anyone you are giving yourselves to, MUST be worthy.. And willing to proceed at your pace..

During the same time period of us spending time with this couple we heard from friends, that wanted to ôdo somethingö.. TRANSLATION- LETS GET TOGETHER AND GET NAKED.. Or a SURE THING..

Could we have begged off to go spend a night with them, sure, but sometimes, just sometimes the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, is just as important as the HAPPINESS itself..

And in the end, when our other friends called again, we asked how they would feel if we brought some friends, they loved the idea, and when we spoke to our other friends, they said sure, and yes the nerves were there, but it was easier..

Ok.. Lets pick this up in the next chapter..

Heading out for the first meet..

Getting Started Pt 6 – Ready, Set, HOLD ON THERE!!

Pt 6 – Ready? Set? .. HOLD ON THERE

Ok, You have discussed your fantasies, you have figured out what you wanna try..

Now What..

Here is a personal suggestion, start by picking a screen name, something you can remember easily. Then pick a site, like Yahoo, AOL, or even HOTMAIL. And sign up for a email address using your new screen name.


Because, it makes a personal email that you donÆt have to worry about your kids getting into.. Or when your relative stops over, and asks to check their email.. And then reminds you that they sent you something ôcuteö.. you open your email in front of them and find a letter from CHAD4URPLEZRE.. With a subject like.. WoW, Would love to à

So, go anonymous.. And while we are at it, one more point to make.. NEVER read those emails on anyone elseÆs computer.. Look for the thread on the swingers board..…836-outed.html A horror story that occurred, when they read their email on a friends computer and FORGOT to make sure they were logged ALL THE WAY OFF..

Or worse, suppose they capture your login with a cookie..

Now that you know, you are ready to figure out where you wanna go..

On the Internet, there are literally dozens of commercial websites that cater to swinging and the lifestyle.

From the BIG, and WORLD WIDE, like , and its step children, like, and the specific tastes, like the fetish site,, or the bisexual site like

Other large ones, that cover the whole United States, like,, .

Another National website, that covers everywhere, and has an excellent listing of local clubs is .

And dozens more. Most offer a free membership, but to do everything you want, require you to pay..

Is one better than the other, thatÆs a personal question you need to answer for yourself.

I can offer a few keys to you, to give you a idea of if you want to pay or not..

Suppose you happen across You sign up and do a simple search.. In our particular area, you will come back with say 55 people, within the 50 mile radius.. Not bad..

HOWEVER, this website was a slowly dying site, we joined early, and it never gets much traffic.. Poor design and slow traffic are wastes of money, They are re vamping it, under

When a new site comes online, they offer specials, sometimes itÆs a great deal, like swingular, we joined up when they started, got a free lifetime membership, and now 5 years later, we are still ôplatinumö members.

AFF, started a long time ago, and where some sites treat members like family, others treat them like dollar signs, If you donÆt pay, they cut you back to a free membership.

Years ago, free membership to many of the sites allowed you to read new mail and reply.. Most now charge you in some fashion to reply, again unless you pay up..

Another feature that some give you as a ôtasteö of before cutting you back is browsing profiles.. The first few hours , most will allow you to open a set number, then the next time you log on, its like one or two, IF THAT.. Again, what site you ultimately call your favorite is completely up to you.

But lets go back to finding the site you think MIGHT be the one for you.. I canÆt tell you how PISSED we get when we look at the profiles for our area after signing in for the first time in a week, and finding 4 or 5 new ones, only to open them up, and findingà


We know of plenty of people that as a course of action, when encountering BLANK profiles, will simply block them.

Rather than just signing up and looking take the extra two minutes and fill in the profile basics.. In the long run, it might come back as a benefit in the end, for one reason.. Because these sites are linked back to your NEW email address, You could for the sake of argument sign on to a site, take the two minutes to fill in the profile and then say, ôthis site sucksö and never poke your head in again.. In the mean time, your happy little profile sits there, and is waiting to be opened..

A few days / weeks go by and you check your email to see you have mail out on this site or that one, and SURPRISE the happy little profile from the ôthis site sucksö site has gotten you email.. Maybe from the people you REALLY have wanted to find..

So, keep the lotto line in your mind à You never know..
That brings us to the next topic in this chapter..

Filling in the profile.. Be up front and honest, When asked to describe yourselves be honest.. If you say you are a Greek God and Goddess, and set a meeting up, they are expecting Zeus and Athena, not Fred and Ethel.. And more to the point, As we covered in the previous chapter.. This Lifestyle is composed of MORE than the ôBeautiful Peopleö but just people.. We come in all shapes and sizes..

Why bother to lie, if meeting in reality is what you are all about.. Trust us, there are plenty out there that fill in fake profiles, and are looking for little more than MENTAL MASTURBATION, in the forms of Erotic Email, and CYBER SEXà Which is fine so long as you donÆt mind the relationship with your HAND being the closest one to REALITY.

Be clear, and if at all possible, Leave little wiggle room as to what you are or arenÆt into.. One point that is easy to use as an example.. It comes up in most ever initial conversation with new people, the ANAL issue.. Some folks are open to it, others itÆs a NO GO issue.. BUT, almost EVERYONE asks. In our case, while my wife isnÆt oppose to it, She really isnÆt into it.. Or as she will say herself, she needs to be really turned on, and have had quite a few BIG OÆs, before considering it.

That doesnÆt take it off the table, but makes it clear enough that, If thatÆs a goal, they need to put the EXTRA WORK in..

As I pointed out in the previous chapter, In this great age, of Computers, Digital Cameras, and the Internet.. The final thing to consider including in your profile is a simple picture or two.. Maybe exposing some flesh.. MAYBE NOT.. Every site, to do with this lifestyle, ends up having another of the internet vermin showing up.. The picture COLLECTOR.. Consider distorting the faces , blurring them out.. And include a line or two IN THE PROFILE that un-blurred pics are available, when offered in kind..


ItÆs a simple way of saying, if you ask, be prepared to offer theirs as well..

How much traffic your profile draws, depends on the site itself, posting a profile to one of the larger sites, DOES NOT promise that you will get hits..

At the end of the day, when you have posted your profile, included a simple picture, maybe put the un blurred in a private album that you can share with ôfriendsö on that site.. All you can do is hope that the people you want to find you willà.


Being a free member does restrict you, yes, BUT, as was written above, TAKE ADVANTAGE of your free membership.

Sure it will restrict you.. A great example of this is AFF. On AFF, as a free member, you canÆt open profiles.. BUT even free members can HOTLIST people, or better yet.. Send a ôwinkö..

Suppose a couple is 20 miles away, they are paying members, and its past the first 12 hours, so you canÆt open their profile.. Hotlist them, or send a wink.. Either way, they can see WHO you are, by looking at one of the basic features, on the home page..

AND because you FOLLOWED the ideas on this BLOG, your profile is COMPLETE.. SUDDENLY, They have found the match THEY were looking for TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WoW a internet WONDER story..

Not really, just a everyday thing, if you take this advice.. Complete Profiles offer the exact information PEOPLE really want..

And just like there are things to PUT on a profile, there are things to LEAVE OFF..

Suppose the BEST picture of you and your SO, is one that include your KIDS.. BAD IDEA

One thing we personally have a problem with is, on a profile that, more than ONCE has to quote cock size, Breast Size.. Why, is that the SELLING point you really want? WouldnÆt a better idea be to tell it once, and then, be clearer about what TURNS you ON?

So to sum up..

A Basic EMAIL account for your swinging pursuits is one of the BEST ideas possible.. Looking at the various sites and USING the free period, to decide if its worth your hard earned CASH is the best way to go, and finally, the profiles you post, are your PERSONAL BILLBOARD.. They let people know about you, when you arenÆt there to tell them about you.. So Be clear..

One-Sided Swings…

We recently attended a swingers party (a very nice one, btw), and we met a really cool couple which we spent the evening talking and playing around with, together. Towards the end of the evening, we exchanged numbers in order to keep in touch after the party. Or so we thought. In fact, what really happened is that the male half of the couple collected both of our numbers and in turn texted us his. The female half to this day has remained anonymous and silent, while the male half constantly texts and emails me (the female half). My fiance has not heard a peep from him.

Now what message does this send? That the male half of the other couple is interested in playing alone with me. My fiance and I are very clear about playing together until we’re extremely comfortable with another couple. I don’t think one evening of playtime constitutes “extremely comfortable”.

This is just one problem that true lifestylers encounter when meeting new people, and I thought I would share it with everyone. We’re very disappointed that things progressed in this manner, because we both had a lot in common with them and would have liked to pursue a friendship in AND out of the bedroom. However, instead, we play the silent game so as not to encourage even more stalker-like behavior. So sad. 🙁

Well, back on the horse for another go at it…. 🙂 Happy swinging!!


Getting Started Pt 5 – The Pursuit of Happiness

I am calling pt four the pursuit of happiness for one basic reason.. If you are thinking of this lifestyle, and Are looking for friends to fool around with, then on some level, you are really HOPING to find some form of HAPPINESS, right?

How we find people to play with, and how we ATTRACT them, is often as easy or as difficult as you wish to make it.

Let me gear this directly to the ladies, who are just getting started.. In whatever capacity, single or as one half of a couple.

Some folks out there are waiting until they find ôjust the right couple/personö to dip their toes into this lifestyle.

Nothing wrong with that thought, HOWEVER, remember its easy to disqualify someone when they donÆt match your perfection expectations. Remember the FUN everyone had when they were DATING.. Looking for that one person to spend the rest of their lives with?

The lifestyle, isnÆt like that, while yes, there are people that DO that, they are often disappointed. The reason is simple, instead of trying to match one to one, you are trying to now match 4 people.. Perfection is a bitch to find with the number of personal preferences involved in that dynamic.

Or, if you care to think in these terms, When you were dating, the women were all looking for MR RIGHT, right? Well in this lifestyle its often a case of settling for MR RIGHT NOW..

Does that mean you have to lower your standards?


Does that mean you have to ôtake what you getö


What it means is, when you are looking for a reason to say no, you will probably find one..

So, what does this mean.. It means that looking for the identical twin to Antonio, or George, or Brad MIGHT happen, but in the mean time, Like the guy at the deli or the butcher shopà

What else would ya like lady?

Let me let you in on a unspoken truth.. When a couple gets involved in this lifestyle, itÆs the women that hold ALL the POWER.. If they veto a person, or a couple, then no matter how much HE may beg, its still NO

And while we are on this subject, echoing back to the idea put forth in the first blog.. Never do ANYTHING with anyone you do not wish to.. Or as we have discussed on a number of threads on these boards.. Never take one for the team.. If getting with a couple that HE wants to get with, means you have to take one for the team with Her Creature.. Say no and Instead take him home and TALK IT THRU.. Explain that, if the shoe was on the other foot, he would have a better understanding.

Now then, part of finding people to play with means being appealing yourselves.. That can and usually does take a few different meanings..

Nothing is more of a buzz kill than communicating with a person, a NEWBIE to the lifestyle, and having that person not know what exactly they are seeking.. Take a look at any of the larger internet sites, and you come across dozens of profiles that are nearly completely BLANK..

Fill in details, about yourselves, talk about what turns you on, or what you think will.. Be honest about your experience and be honest about what EXACTLY you look like..

Go one step better, Its 2008, and nearly everyone has a digital camera, why? Because, we all saw that little bit of technology and said WOOO HOO, no more worries about dropping the film at the drug store.. All those kinky little pictures we always WANTED to take, we could.. Its never been easier than RIGHT NOW to snap a sexy picture of your significant other, wearing little more than a SMILE..

But more importantly, its even easier to snap a simple g rated pic or two.. Nothing says you HAVE to post racy or provocative pictures, but, you certainly can..

Which leads us to another topic.. Your preferences versus someone elseÆs .. Now, again I am talking directly to the ladies out there..

Part of the reason I can speak to you today is, because I MADE half the mistakes that I am trying to warn you about..

You really need to have a talk about what you want before you post your first profile.. And continue to do so..

Every guy, for the most part thinks, one way.. Bigger is always better.. Ladies, if this isnÆt the case or if you arenÆt sure either way.. BE MORE INVOLVED.. Or else you might find yourself in a position where, you spend the evening, with a guy with a ONE EYED MONSTER.. Literally a cock that is way too big.. LENGTH or WIDTH.. Browse any of the sites, and you run across plenty of guy pictures, some that compare them selves.. With a dollar bill.. A soda can, or one guy had his wearing his wrist watch..

In our case, I learned rather quickly that, while the FANTASY may be, and the PORN MOVIES DO, show women cumming like mad with a cock of 8 inches or more, the reality is.. In my wifeÆs case.. Anything over 7 inches hurts like hell..

As with any other part of society we follow trends, some are more prevalent than others..

Want a great example? Way back in the late 70Æs and early 80Æs, it was a kinky thing to find a woman that shaved down below.. Most women went NATURAL.. Now itÆs a common occurrence. In fact, we have encountered folks that WON’T play with a woman ( Or at least they say they wonÆt) If she isnÆt closely trimmed or shaved down there..

It all boils down to personal preferences. Just like searching for the people to fulfill your dreams and desires.. Finding the body parts that appeal matter too.

There are so many schools of thought out there, and no one choice is wrong..

Lets suppose you have crafted a profile, get a few letters and during this WHOLE process, you have never said, nor have they asked what your experience level is.. This is a disaster in the making..


Some people, decide from the very beginning, as in before they leave the HOUSE, that they are out for a night of pleasure, and still others take a few ôdatesö before they are comfortable getting intimate..

Some people, can head out to a club, get a locker and spend the evening, fulfilling their desires without a clue of the other persons name.. first or last!

Still others are out there, who are looking for something close to that, and get highly upset if they arenÆt naked the first date..

Then there are those involved in this lifestyle who are looking for people, that connect on more than one level..

Or want to be sure that the people they have choosen, are the right ones, and are willing to take thier time, and allow you to take yours..

Any one with ANY experience within this lifestyle knows where you are, and if you tell them you are just getting started, SHOULD allow you the time to be comfortable and ready for your first experience.

How fast or slow we proceed, This is a choice we all make. Sometimes we start with things one way and as you get more comfortable in the lifestyle , or you get more brave, or relaxed. You change up.. There is nothing wrong with this so long as those you make that choice, and those you CHOOSE to play with agree.

Now, the last topic, we need to discuss, is, the last part of your personal preferences..

A question that gets asked at the speed of light when starting initial communications.. Some ask it in the first letter they write, other in the reply..

What are you into?

Simple question right? Not really.. Everyone, regardless of experience, has something they DON’T like, and something they LOVE..

How about we cover a few simple termzà

French.. Simple right? Oral copulation.. Your mouth or theirs.. Here or there, or everywhere.. Nothing wrong with finding a lovely tongue wandering thru the naughty bits..

But where do you draw the line? Suppose you are ok with giving a man oral sex.. BE CLEAR, where you STOP, and WHERE he can cum..

And by the same token, if you expect like the old song goes..

You gotta lick it before you stick ità be clear..

How about some stereotypical Chinese..


Greek.. Again simple right? Either you are ready for the question of the ole dirt road or you arenÆt

If you arent, state it simply and put it right out front.. Put it right on your profile when you post it..

How about a few harder ones..

Bi – simple right, bisexual..

Bi Curious – again not all that hard to figure out right? But, it might be an idea to find out exactly they are curious about, and if they have done it before.. We know a woman, who, loves to get between a womans legs and go to town.. But hasnÆt changed her preference because, while she has enjoyed what she has done thus far, hasnÆt made up her mind..

Bi Comfortable – again, not all that hard to figure out.. But to what degree are they comfortable.. Are they ok with say getting a bit of hot tongue but wont reciprocate.. Or is it the opposite, are completely comfortable with orally pleasing but not with allowing it to be done to them..

And, ready for the real head turner.. Its not just women that are out there, that fall within these categories. There are plenty of men out there that are the same, curious about it, and unsure where they stand on it, because of what the CULTURE tells them to think..

Another stigma, another head trip, whatever you wanna call it.

To some it matters, to others.. It doesnÆt… Often what forms of play, people are looking for, can be just as much of an issue as any other thing.. Since the 80Æs Male Bi Sexuality has been taboo. Fear of the Horror of the late 20th century propagated it.

Its completely normal to fear what you donÆt understand, or know about. And moreover its completely acceptable to make that personal choice in one direction or another..

Bisexuality in general is a hot and cold issue. Men involved in this lifestyle, almost expect the female half of any couple to be just as at home between a womanÆs legs as a mans.. This isnÆt always the case. If you browse the board, there are all sorts of questions regarding it.

B&D .. No not our names.. Bondage and Domination.. Some folks, like to be tied up and tickles to tears, or the opposite, smacked, spanked, whatever you wanna call it.. To get their jollies..

S&M .. Sadism and Masochism – Old Joke.. A slave is tied up, and begging.. ôWould You hurt me?ö
The master is standing over that person, and says.. ôNOö A simple case where a word hurts more..
But seriously, if this isnÆt your cup o tea, MAKE IT CLEAR..
Plenty of more termz are out there, and I will cover most of them, in another chapter.. coming up

So lets bring this rant to a close by simply saying..

The fantasies you have had, are a great starting point for figuring out what you might start searching for. From that point, it because a matter of finding those you find appealing.

Then you go from finding them appealing to finding out about them, and then making the next decision where this all might be headed..

And finally, the ultimate personal preference.. Do you or donÆt you.. Will you or WonÆt you..