31:With understanding cums pleasure

Recently I have spent time with some of my lifestyle friends. After a very in depth talk, it comes to my attention that even with every one being in the lifestyle. There are still many preferences that are much more common than people are aware of. For example, what about a guy that has no interest in the same sex? He is all about the ladies, however once in a while he likes the ladies to give it to him anally. Is he gay?

I wouldn’t say that. Is it gay for a woman to do anal? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The point is simply this. I feel that we are all in this lifestyle because we like things that are otherwise not accepted by the societal majority, or not “normal”. Keep that in mind about things that are even more alternative that what we are use to.

There are people out there that are interested in things, but reluctant to even research due to the fear of what others might think. If we would take the time to learn and understand, how much easier would it to be connect? Every one could feel more comfortable with themselves. Perhaps truly appreciate the variety of preferences available in this lifestyle. You never know, you may encounter a few preferences that you really like. With out taking the first brave steps of understanding you wouldn’t even know that these things ere available . Learning the correct terms is huge. If you think you may like to try something, look around. Chances are, not only does it already exist. But there is a name for it. From there you’ll start to get a deeper understanding on whether or not you want to proceed. By taking the time to learn about something you heard about, you may find that it’s not as offensive or scary as you originally thought. Better peace and happiness come through better understanding.

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