32:The Art of Swinging Part 2.

Since part one,(Chronicles of Swingers #17) We have touch on many topics in the swinger lifestyle and of course gave our opinion as it relates to the art of swinging.

Our approach to the lifestyle, as noted before is ‘Knowledge is Power’. Here at swingerology.com we continue to provide knowledge to our members in hopes it can help them make informed decisions on their encounters. As you browse through swingerology.com and other lifestyle websites you will undoubtedly gain knowledge of swinging, whether you are a newbie just beginning research, or a seasoned veteran continuing to investigate and explore the lifestyle, which can be stratified into many different levels.

Swingerology is the study of what we do in the lifestyle; the study of swinging. By examining the lifestyle, and educating yourself, you can develop your own ‘art of swinging’ that fits into your busy lives. Swingerology offers many great tools for the curious mind such as: internal mail, chat,swinger friend updates, and many more comparable features that you will find in other social swinger communities on the net. Swingerology.com sets itself apart by providing as much learning material for those interested in the ART. Some examples are: Chronicles of Swingers Articles, like this one; Lifestyle letters; Blogs; events; Answers – Answers to your swinger questions, and INTO (which is a quick way to access all of swingerology top content). With interactive content we keep the swinger information fresh.

You may not use all these tools or other tools found, but we are sure you will find some to be very useful in helping you to gain expertise on the lifestyle and a good comprehension of what to commonly expect in your encounters. Once you are ready to jump into the action and have communicated thoroughly with your partner, about rules, if any you will be aware and ready for any challenges that may come up using the knowledge you’ve gained by educating yourself on the ever changing swinging lifestyle. And most importantly, you won’t be stuck like a fish out of water when an awkward situation comes up.

In part 3 we will talk about ‘the connection’ when we meet others.

To Be Continued.

Happy New Year 2011

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