34:Reverse Swingers, Null Swingers

Reverse Swingers, Null Swingers

I would like to touch on a phenomenon that I find quite interesting and ask for the opinions of my fellow Swingerologists. I want to know how you all feel about what I like to call reverse or null swingers. Who am I talking about? I am talking about the people that attend swinger parties and/or events with absolutely no intention of ever participating in any activities or sometimes no intention of making friends. I`m not talking about newbies at their first or second event or people that rarely partake in activities. The people that I am talking about seem to come out to events simply to be seen.

They are `pretty people` who spend a significant amount of time on their physical appearance, for the show. The ladies are wearing the finest lingerie or themed costume they can buy and the gentlemen are showing off their washboard abs, but when approached by a couple or individual, they turn their nose up and are insulted that some lowly swinger would attempt to talk to them, even if the person that approached them are equally `pretty`. Now occasionally you may run into a couple of this caliber that at least enjoys the attention they get from others and will conversate, but in my experience these people keep to themselves and often look anxious and tense.

They fall in a category that is not swinger, since swapping is not on their agenda, and not quite vanilla… Or maybe? Now if you are a swinger (whether you are soft swap, full swap, or something in-between) who takes care of your body, then please don`t take offense. I am talking specifically about those people have no intention of ever participating in any lifestyle activity. So tell me, what do you think of these people? Have you noticed anyone that falls into this category at events or parties you have attended and if so, how to you feel about their presence at lifestyle gatherings?

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  1. Honestly, I think it’s great if they found a place that heightens their sexuality but does not cross lines. Swingers by definition are open minded. How then do we as swingers become close minded about someone who differs from us in pratice. I actually suggest that newbs go and watch to make sure they are ready and capable of sustaining a relationship while swinging. It’s not easy to manage the emotions sometimes.

    I also counsel those who are newbs to go no further than the point that satisfies. If watching or being seen is enough, then why do more?

    I support those who find healthy ways to exist together and nurture each other without causing harm to each other wherever that level is.

    I suggest you applaud them for being independent enough to stop where they are most happy.

    I love ethnicities, diverse cultures and people who do their own thing.

  2. You make an excellent point, didn’t look at it that way before, be yes we are open minded, so we should welcome everything the lifestyle have to offer, from the full blown to the “i’m just testing the waters’.

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