35:NO! – Part 1 (saying)

“No means No”! It’s a phrase that is used all the time at lifestyle events. Have we taken the time to sit down and see how easy it is? In some situations it can be difficult. In considering the term “No” we must keep in mind that there are two sides: saying and receiving. Let’s begin by talking about saying “No”.

Say you are one of those people that really doesn’t give a fuck. It should be easy for you to just say no to anyone in any situation at anytime. It’s easy to say no to someone if they are trying to touch you, ask to join, watch or if they are just not your type. Of course they should respectfully acknowledge and move on. How about the situation where you have played with them before, or where you are interested, but don’t want to say no, but would rather say ‘not right now’.

Some people will make up lies, to let down the other person easy. “I’m sick”, or “It’s her time of the month” etc. Why can’t we tell them the truth? Better yet, why is the truth so hard? It’s not like you won’t play with them ever again, just not now. You may not be in the mood for them. What if there is someone else “person(couple) B” at this event you are interested in and trying to get to know. But now you already just told person(couple) A that you cannot play because, you just don’t play at these kind of events [lie]. But person(couple) B is now ready to play and so are you, oops…now you can’t or don’t cause you don’t want to look like an ass.

Saying no should be very easy and you shouldn’t have to feel like you have to make up lies or hide from others that you just don’t want to play with right now, since next party you might be ready for their flavor of love, if they are accepting.


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