36:NO! – Part 2 (receiving)

So we have touched a bit on saying NO! from Part 1 (COS#35) Now, the question is; can we all accept rejection? In the lifestyle we love to say YES and there are times we have to say NO, which can be easy for some but hard for others. Put yourself on the receiving end, say some nice person or couple have to rejected you because they’re not in the mood or prefer to pursue others on that occasion. This shouldn’t bother you a bit, a matter of fact you should be happy for them.

I’ve seen some people get very upset at the rejection and decide not to engage with that person again or if they met that person that night, dirty looks and cold shoulders are directed to that person. When in the swinger lifestyle rejection shouldn’t be taken as an insult but as one of the necessary acts that needs to be practiced by everyone. We are all consenting adults and we should have understanding to accept a NO with respect.

That person(s) may not be interested but would be very appreciative of your acceptance and might even change their mind. Are we not in the lifestyle to promote ‘good feelings’? 🙂 In the heat of play time acceptance should even be more applied. You really don’t want to be the cock block. They are in the middle of play and when no is used…NO means NO move on, understand. and let’s all be merry.


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