39:Levels of Discretion

Having been in the lifestyle for several years, we have made a few friends that are swingers, who we interact with

outside of the lifestyle. This is usually a good thing because we like to have friends that we can talk to about

our encounters as well as everyday experiences. Friends that share the same interests and hobbies are especially

valuable to us; however we have recently run into an unexpected issue with friends that cross from the swinger

world into the vanilla one. The issue is discretion.

We have lately discovered that some people are not as discreet about their extracurricular activities as we are. I understand people being open about their relationship with their friends and family and have no problem with anyone telling others about what they do. My issue is with them telling others what I do. I personally find it a little awkward to show up at a family bbq just to be approached by a vanilla stranger who has knowledge of my after hours activities.

My point, for anyone that ends up in a similar situation, is to make sure you know where your lifestyle friends

stand on discretion as well as let them know how you feel about them spreading the word for you.

The fact that you are all open-minded should keep the situation from becoming uncomfortable.


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3 Replies to “39:Levels of Discretion”

  1. I too agree with this. Discretion is like swinging 101. It should be the first thing you learn. Even if you choose to display your lifestyle to the world, that’s fine. However, that doesn’t apply to everyone you know. In fact most people in this lifestyle go out of there way to maintain anonymity with the vanilla world. If you are one of the ones that display your life, I would advise being very wary of your friends preferences on this topic. Outing someone that’s in the lifestyle is a serious offence. Especially if it’s someone you call friend. To many this is a serious violation of trust that may not be able to be overcome. It’s very simple. Unless you know for sure, be quiet. Treat your friends like friends.

  2. i truly fuked up not knowing wat the lifestyle is about i blew the trust from somebody i love so much, i dont know how to make her trust me again but ur right u cant talk about the swinger life i wish i would have known this before i fuked up i need

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