40: Leave the Magical Unicorn in the Fairytale

Hey peeps. I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted a chronicles, so first let me start by apologizing. I could say life got in the way but that’s only partially true. Honestly our lifestyle experiences dwindled down for a while, but recently we’ve been back out and about, so I have lots to share, and promise to be more active.

Today I want to talk about one of everyone’s favorite treats in the lifestyle. That is the Unicorn. I know most people seek them out like their our hunting Pokemon these days but I wonder if there are others out there that feel the way we do. I like my unicorns in fairytales and bedtime stories, but not necessarily in my bedroom. Now before you single ladies go getting all offended, I have nothing against you. I love women, but do prefer men, however don’t get it twisted. I’ll devour a woman under the right circumstances faster than you can read this post, however, as a couple, we just prefer not to play with singles, male or female.

In the lifestyle, single males always get a bad wrap, and people tend to worship single ladies like the goddesses they are and while that is great, I’ve noticed many single women let this go to their head. I’m not hating on you ladies. I’m all for female empowerment, and honestly the lifestyle is one of the best examples of that across the board. But for us 4 is company, 3’s a crowd.

Sorry unicorns but in my experience you ladies can be pretty self-centered and seem to forget that you are a guest. Threesomes can be tricky to maneuver, but certainly not impossible. If any of the parties involved are selfishly expecting to be catered to, it can completely ruin the experience. When we engage in lifestyle experiences with others, our goal is for all parties involved to have a good time. We’ve noticed that sometimes singles have a different goal in mind. Some ladies are upset if they are not completely catered too by the other parties involved or want to get their rocks off and tap out with out regard to anyone else. There’s also the concern of a single you play with on a regular basis getting possessive. These types of situations tend to leave a bad impression and have contributed to our decision to steer clear of singles.

All of that being said, we do know that not all singles think this way or fall into these categories. My advice for anyone out there seeking the golden unicorn is to vet them the same way if not more strictly than you would a couple. Always put your relationship with your partner first and make sure everyone is comfortable before taking action. My advice for you lovely single ladies would be to have an in-depth conversation with the couple that’s courting you to ensure you’re all on the same page with corresponding goals.

Before we ever played with a unicorn we had already started leaning this direction, but after having a few experiences our decision is clear. It’s not necessarily a no forever or even a no for everyone, but my preference is definitely couples even if the play is separate. I’ll take a married women over a single one any day of the week.

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