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    any swingers on yahoo? just curious?
    how many of there are you?
    how do you even meet swingers?
    how does it work?
    any other info



    Some couples want something more excitingÔÇöor saferÔÇöthan picking up a playmate online. The lifestyle scene comprises many private parties with screening processes, where there are both physical and psychological bars to pass. Events for couples looking for a woman have a high price tag ($80-$400) unless you are a single woman (single men are pretty much SOL).On the higher end is the uber-exclusive One Leg Up party (, now in its tenth year. ÔÇ£People from all over the world fly in for them,ÔÇØ says organizer Palagia. ÔÇ£The cost is high, but so is the production value.ÔÇØ

    Just google your geographical location. Find a club. I looked up my city and found this:

    xxx’s finest adult social club. Established over thirty years ago and located 20 miles north of downtown xxx, yyy is arguably the most luxurious on-premises adult club in the country, or even the world.

    Our warm atmosphere, spacious 29,000 square foot facility, acres of landscaped grounds, amazingly romantic hide-a-ways and exciting play areas create an unparalleled lifestyle experience which many other clubs can only strive to offer.

    xxxx is a legal club properly zoned for commercial use and is a beautiful, safe place to meet new friends and play since 1978.

    They have beginners nights, ask for the FAQ online.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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