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    Cut and paste this and respond to start a conversation…

    The city we live in:

    To pay the bills, we:

    When listening to music, we particularly enjoy:

    Some of our favorite movies are:

    Other than sex, our interests and hobbies include:

    Do you have your own web page (non-paid sites only) you’d like to share?:

    Her play preferences (Just with guys, guys and girls, etc.):

    His play preferences (Just with gals, gals and goats, etc.):

    Her as yet unfulfilled fantasy:

    His as yet unfulfilled fantasy:

    Celebrity she dreams about being with most:

    Celebrity he never seems to shut up about screwing:

    As a lady, the things a person can do to REALLY get me in the mood are:

    I’m a man; I’m always in the mood. But I especially like:

    I’m a woman who knows what I like. I DON’T like it when people:

    I’m a patient guy. But nothing kills my buzz as fast as:

    I feel that as his wife/girlfriend/love bunny, I should tell you that he:

    Speaking as her husband/boyfriend/stud muffin, I want you to know that my lady:

    Tell the rest of us about a really great swinging or other sexual experience you’ve had together. Give as much or as little detail as you want. We like details!:

    What else would you like your new friends to know about the two of you?:

    If another couple was interested in getting to know you, what would be the best approach:

    When we get together with members of this group, we would prefer these types of activities:

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