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    Ok, so we made the decision to join the lifestyle. We both love sex and fun, so its perfect for us!

    The first couple we found was on a free classified ad posting.

    They sounded great. We exchanged pics. We even met at their house for a (non-play) party.

    So a week into, before we had a chance to play, the guy fell hard for me. We are looking for fun, so we called it off.

    His wife freaked out on us. I guess she didn’t like being dumped. Not really sure.

    So we are still looking to find that right couple…


    Oh my, we had the same thing happen with our first couple. What a drag, it really made me re-think what we were doing. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up on the signs until much later, nearly a year. He fell in love with me, and was actually jealous of every other couple or man in my life. It’s not supposed to be this way was all I kept thinking. Eventually we had to dump them as friends as well, not so long ago. It was ugly in the end, even though we hadn’t played with them for about a year. Keep your eyes open for this stuff I guess is what I need to say, NO, it should not happen in this lifestyle, but it does. Best of luck on finding the right couple, you will.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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