Sexting Presents New Challenges for Regulators, Porn Sites – XBiz

default-news-icon See More Sexting Presents New Challenges for Regulators, Porn SitesXBizWhen it comes to the adult sites, Walters said the biggest concern for webmasters is the appearance of teen sexting images on user-generated content sites. Given the vast amount of amateur erotic imagery being produced in modern times, it is extremely …

Superstars pay tribute to Janet Jackson – Arab News

default-news-icon See More Superstars pay tribute to Janet JacksonArab NewsWhile there are still so many superstars, such as Brandy, Kerrie Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Ciara and TLC, Sociologist Shayne Lee says: "As Janet enters the twilight of her reign as erotic Queen of Pop, Beyonc Knowles emerges as her likely successor. …and more »

Porn damages sexuality with fabricated imagery –

default-news-icon See More Porn damages sexuality with fabricated imageryStateHornet.comWe have all experienced the semi-erotic and sometimes disturbing images produced by the adult film industry. I do not question that these images are damaging. Footage of tall, muscular men with fake tans and tribal tattoos sexually dominating thin, …

San Francisco Subcultures, 1999: Sex, Death & Eyeliner – SF Weekly (blog)

default-news-icon See More SF Weekly (blog)San Francisco Subcultures, 1999: Sex, Death & EyelinerSF Weekly (blog)The resulting movie Sex, Death & Eyeliner didn't receive any significant distribution beyond a few festival screenings and a brief release on VHS in the early 2000s, though in classic Jazz Singer / Xanadu fashion, the soundtrack was fairly successful. …

Ice-T pens fiction book – San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

default-news-icon See More SFGate.comIce-T pens fiction bookSan Francisco Chronicle (blog)But Ice-T isn't the only one in his family celebrating an upcoming book release his wife Coco, real name Nicole Marrow, has published an erotic mystery novel, called Angel. She adds, What the publisher did was assign me someone who really knew me. …Ice-T & Coco Prepping (blog)Ice-T writes bookWBGHall 27 news articles »

Doug Stanhope – A.V. Club Chicago

default-news-icon See More A.V. Club ChicagoDoug StanhopeA.V. Club ChicagoLike last time, we ended up at a swinger's club, because it was a weird thing to do and I knew the chick that ran it, and we were given a guided tour of this middle-aged orgy. It was hilarious. But there's not a lot of opportunities to see something …and more »

TV Review: ‘American Horror Story’ –

default-news-icon See More FEARnet.comTV Review: 'American Horror Story'FEARnet.comIn addition to infidelity and violent deaths, you can look forward to sex, nudity, drugs, child abuse, teenage sociopathy, and yes, rubber BDSM. The Rubber Man is predominant in the ad campaign, but he is not a major figure in the series… yet. …and more »