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Thread: 4:Hello & Hello Back

 Nov 22, 2008 10:09:33 AM
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4:Hello & Hello Back

I see it all the time. It happens more often than you would think and it happens to everyone. You meet someone online, whether it be a couple or a single. They send you a message saying they like your profile and want you to check out theirs. You do and decide that their fantasies and ideas of swinging coincide with your so you give then you yahoo or msn handle so you can chat. The inevitable picture swapping starts out well enough with you both showing a pic from your profile to see who will bring something new to the table first. Of course now you want to see a face pic and they deliver. Now you find yourself wondering "what the hell" as you are completely turned off by their looks. How do you get yourself out of this situation? How do you say "hey the conversation was great till I saw your face". Oh and they just told you they love your pics.

Now you don't want to be rude or burn bridges by just closing the chat, so ladies and gentlemenwhat is the proper way to let them down at this point? How do you say "I'm/We're not interested" after showing so much interest before that very moment? The answer is as simple and complicated as the very situation you are in. The truth is there is no easy way to do it. You can't say I'm not attracted to you cause your one brown tooth is just not attractive or the fact that you look like a monkey mated with a lizard just isn't appealing to me and expect it to come across positive. The best thing to do though is to tell them cause it would be even worse to lead them on, cause believe it or not, it really is a small world and you never know when you might be at the club hanging out and guess who comes up and taps you on the shoulder? The very people you thought you'd never have to see so a little lie wouldn't hurt. So what do you say then when they ask you what you think? Well I find it's easiest to be completely honest. They can take it or leave it but in the end they should respect you for being honest.

They may call you superficial, but the truth is you're not looking for a soulmate or to get married, as you probably are already married or at least involved in a serious relationship. Swinging is about fantasyand no body fantasizes about getting busy with a boogawolf. The truth of the situation is this: No matter how pretty you and your partner think you both are, there is always someone out there that will disagree with you so don't take it personal if you are not what someone is looking for, and expect to be disappointed sometimes when you see someone's picture. If your not interested tell them and make it easy for people to tell you if your are not their type.

Author:Von @ swingerology

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