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Thread: 5:The Green Swingers

 Dec 01, 2008 08:41:01 PM
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5:The Green Swingers

This is for all of my newbie swingers. If you've never been to a lifestyle club, it can be quite intimidating. We all have been there. You don't know exactly what to expect and all you have to go off of is the websites you've been to and the people you've chatted with on yahoo or msn. You probably went to the club website and read the typical description of what to expect. Gentlemen are expected to come nicely dressed and ladies can where whatever they want or whatever they don't want to be seen in, but they are expected to be sexy. If it's an on-premise club you will probably see some type of disclaimer about not being offended by what you see or you may even be required to go to a meet and greet or an orientation before you can be admitted for the first time into the club.

Now I can only communicate to you what to expect based on my personal experiences, but let me try to offer a little insight. First let's cover off premise clubs. These are definitely good for first time experiences as you won't be overwhelmed by what you see. In fact you may not "see" much more than you've seen at a vanilla club. The difference will be the two girls kissing are actually married to the closet set of drooling guys. You'll probably see some petting and you may catch a nipple or two. Expect to see a few ladies in their sexy lingerie and expect to see some that probably should have covered up a little more than just the private parts!

Let's get to the goods now, on premise clubs. Going to this clubs is like going to see an action movie. There are 3 parts to the night. The build up: this is where people are us chatting and drinking and possibly dancing. You'll see the seasoned swingers meeting up with friends and chatting it up, exchanging hugs and kisses. You'll also see other newbies and the unmistakable "hunters" who are probably checking you out, but that's a whole other story I'll tell some other time. There may even be some ice breaker games to get you conversing with new people. The next stage is the climax. This may come on suddenly and unexpected. You might happen to be taking a sip of your beer, wine, or mixed drink, and see someone walk by you naked. Then you'll look around and see that about half the people there are naked or half way their. You'll notice that the place looks about half empty but not because everyone has left, but because people are making good use of the play areas. The third and final stage is the wrap up. This is the part of the evening before the evening ends. Everyone has had their fun or they are taking their entertainment elsewhere. You see people exchanging numbers and kissing good night and you may have officially christened the club yourself.

Hopefully the insight I offer has helped to ease as least a couple of your concerns about your upcoming experience. I do have a couple of tips for you to help your first experience at a lifestyle club to be enjoyable. Whether you end up at an on premise or an off premise club, don't feel obligated to play. No really does mean no and most people accept it without argument. Also, BYOB really does mean you can bring your own liquor so don't feel ashamed to show up with a six pack or a bottle of your favorite wine. Trust me you won't be the only one. Ladies, dress in layers. If you are not comfortable walking in the club wearing your sexy lingerie then wear a dress over it so you can wear less as the evening wears on, or bring it with you in a bag if you think you might feel like changing later. Guys dress nice and smell good. Last but not least, relax and have fun.

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