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Thread: Gender Studies - What makes people want to be "Swingers"?

 Mar 26, 2011 10:26:04 AM
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Gender Studies - What makes people want to be "Swingers"?
Why do you think they are more willing to go into a "swingers life" with their spouse or significant other. I personally cannot understand how people could ever do that but I know its in practically every city now. What makes people want to live that type of life?

 Mar 29, 2011 08:50:49 PM
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A much much better questions is why would anyone consciously choose monogamy?

Polyamorous relationships have been the norm in countless societies throughout history. Speaking historically it was far more often the males who had multiple partners and the women left to their own devices. The exceptions being the aristocratic women, or working ladies. Again, historically, much of this was done in the open, When it was done behind closed doors it was still an understood fact of life that the man would step out as needed.

Honestly, in Western societies we have women to thank for resolving this inequity. First in England then in the United States a little over 100 years ago, women forcefully demanded their rights and equitable treatment by society at large. Most of us know the suffragettes sought the right to vote, but few understand a key plank to the platform was contraception. Women wanted to be able to control their own bodies. Many women were jailed for openly discussing contraception or even mailing information regarding contraception. (Look up Comstock laws).

Thus began the actual sexual revolution, way, way back in your great grandparents day. Your great or even great great granny wanted to get some without having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

Ok, what does any of that have to do with your question? The yearning for freedom of expression makes people want to live a life unbound by an imposing government or society. Even in the most free societies the world has known, people still seek to go beyond.

Besides, it is just kinky great fun! Dude, it is so fucking hot to watch your missus getting hammered by a guy hung like a porn star.

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