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Thread: 6:Where is his photo?

 Dec 13, 2008 04:43:24 PM
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6:Where is his photo?

On many swinger websites like ours Ďwww.swingerology.comí you can post a picture of yourselves as a couple, but it always seems to be one sided. Yes, we all want to see the sexy female, she is most of the time bi so most other females and males can enjoy. If he is going to be participating shouldnít he have a picture up too? I mean you two both do make a couple, right? Now, this is only for a select amount of people, but it seems to be that itís the male part of that couple that has created the profile, and to attract other couples he puts all the sexy pics he can find of his other half and maybe a dick shot of him. Wait, a min, I read their profile and itís not a situation where heís allowing her to go out and get bucked naked by herself, he wants to join too, but doesnít want to post any eye candy of himself for the lady on the other side. Is he shy? Little dick? Or does he just want to wait until everyone gets all drunk and horny off of his wife then he jumps in?
I donít know how everyone else feel about males not having a good profile picture, but I think if you both are going to be joining these sites and looking for your perfect swinger match, you should have at least some good pictures of him. It is very likely that if you are both looking for full swap or if you would be hanging out with other couples, you donít want to be kicking it with BugaWolf and the princess. More than likely, you as a couple, want to have fun with the other couples and maybe even get lucky. Lets be honest, we are attracted by what we see first, and first impressions counts. So guys, when you create these profiles, donít be afraid to put a good pic of yourself up too. You too females, keep your man in mind, he may want to play too, post your sexist pic of him you can find. This is of course if you both are going to do the traditional swinging mfmf mffm 


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