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Thread: 7:Hide for the Holidays

 Dec 25, 2008 06:09:50 PM
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7:Hide for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year when you hear Christmas carols at the mall, see eggnog next to the milk when you buy groceries. You probably have some family coming into town that will be staying with you so you’re cleaning and getting the blankets and the air mattresses ready. You might find yourself putting up a tree or lights and decorating your house with red and green, but if you are having company, you might want to make sure you do some “additional” cleaning that most people don’t have to worry about. For example, if your computer is in an area that it can be accessed by others, say your visiting family, you might want to make sure that the picture of your wife getting banged by that guy while she was servicing his wife, is not in the same folder as the pictures you took of little Susie in her Halloween costume. You also might consider clearing your cache in your browser so that Cousin Cindy’s 13 year old son Bobby doesn’t come to the dinner table asking “Mommy, what’s a swinger and why does Uncle John have pictures with a naked lady that’s not Aunt Jane?”

Most of us in the lifestyle are big on discretion, so this time of year it is key to remember to be discreet and “clean up after yourself”. It’s embarrassing enough for grandma to find a naked picture of you on your computer while she was being nosing and snooping through your digital pictures, but that can probably be expected as she knows the stork didn’t really drop your kids off at the door. It is however, an entirely different level of embarrassment when good old granny finds a picture of you and your wife/husband with several different partners and the pictures are obviously recent cause your wife just got that tattoo 3 months ago. I think you all catch my drift.

So to start, if you only have one computer that others will have access to, create a guest account for them to use with limited permissions. Make sure your account is password protected on your login screen. You might also want to put your “private” collection photos in their own folder and make sure that folder is hidden, just in case. You might also want to make sure you deleted those pictures off of the memory card in your digital camera, since they don’t mix well with pictures of the family you might be taking during the week. These are all just examples of precautions that you may want to take to ensure that everyone has a memorable holiday at your house, but not one that you wish they could forget.

We hope you all take good care of your loved ones this holiday season and continue to be super safe both in and out of the lifestyle.

Von @ swingerology

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