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Thread: ???Swingers and Open Marriage people?

 Apr 08, 2011 07:18:41 AM
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???Swingers and Open Marriage people?
okay so I dont want to make myself sound like a troll but you have to understand the maintality of a small town to know that i am not making this story up!!! My sister-in laws ex boyfriend who is the father of her child and is now married to his wife are swingers (the husband and wife not my sister-inlaw) My sister In-Law was telling me all about it because she is still good friend with her ex who tries to get my sister-in law to come to these swinger conventions.

So my question is this: How can you enter the sacrade vows of married and then turn around and go to some mass orgy where you wife is sleeping with God knows how, where, how many times and how many men. This is obsered to me... I dont even like when I catch my husband checking out another woman let along having sex with her.

I am not judging those who are swingers, or have an open married but I just want to know how you do it? What makes you think it is okay to sleep with other people after you have taken a vow with someone you love? How can you be okay with your S/O sleeping with others? HOW DO YOU DO IT???

 Apr 08, 2011 10:54:32 PM
Posts: 592
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Condoms, ... lube, willing participants are helpful, hmmm usually a bed, but a sofa will suffice, a car seat even. I know when my wife and I play there is at least one other body, ...

Or are you speaking of an issue of morals?
Do you eat meat on Fridays?
How about observing the sabbath?
Ever Lie, Cheat, ... Steal?

I love how you post says"I am not judging" as though that phrase makes it so.

I pose the question again. What in the world are you doing her reading let alone posting.

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