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Thread: 9:When & Where

 Jan 23, 2009 10:11:04 AM
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9:When & Where
We always wonder where would be the best places to meet people. Ok most of us are busy, so we may start online, but from there, before, or even after we make a connection, we wonder where would be a good place to go. Well letís consider some options;

1.A swinger club
    - On premise
    - Off premise
2.Someoneís House
4.A vanilla spot

A swinger club On premise Off premise Someoneís House Hotel A vanilla spot

Once we decide where weíre going, we need to set our expectations. We should be concerned with the extremes based on our experiences and what we are comfortable doing. The two extremes would range from basic meet & greet to ďHi lets fuck. I donít even want to know your nameĒ. First letís talk about the extremes then go into detail of these previous mention spots.

Generally a meet and greet is where you get so socialize with others in the lifestyle. Itís like going to a social where you might exchange number or get invited to a private party or even get advice on the best ďspotsĒ in your area. I think the come hither approach speaks for its self, there for Iíll leave it to your imagination.

Now letís talk about the different types of venues you might find yourself at. Swing clubs are one of the more common places to meet others in the lifestyle. Off premise clubs are a lot like vanilla clubs, full of scantily clad women and their counter parts wearing anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a three piece suit. The difference here is you might catch a few ladies wearing only their Victoria Secrets and you might even catch a nipple or two. Youíll see more girl on girl than at a vanilla club and not as many guys drooling over it because the men there are probably with their wives and have probably seen it all before. Add some naked people, play rooms, and private play areas to that equation and you got yourself an on premise club. It only takes one person to strip down to their birthday suit and before you know it, if youíre still clothed, you will soon be the minority! Contrary to popular belief, on premise clubs are very pressure free, so if youíve never been to one, donít be afraid to check on out.

Someoneís house is usually one of the more intimate environments. This can be either meeting a couple youíve been chatting with online or going to a private party at a residence. Lifestyle house parties are like on premise clubs without the DJ and valet parking. There are probably going to be people getting busy and youíll probably see some guys Johnson or even walk in on full moon but there will almost certainly not be as many people there as you would see at a club. When meeting a couple at there private residence for drinks, my only advice is to be sure you have set your expectations and limits before you get there, and then be ready to change them. You never know when you might end up going further or not as far as you planned. Just make sure all parties are on the same page.

Being that I have yet to have a good experience at a hotel party, I will not say much on these. Iím not knocking them or saying they are not a good place to meet people. They sound great on paper. If you meet another couple or single that youíre into, you can easily get intimate as there is a bed somewhere near by whether in the room of the party of if you get your own room, but be sure you have researched the crowd youíre partying with.

Vanilla clubs and bars are the places you go everyday with your everyday friends. Now donít be surprised if you see a little mild girl on girl at these spots as ladies night is common among girl friends, but it will possibly be nothing compared to what youíll see at a lifestyle club or event. Vanilla clubs can definitely be fun spots to take your swinger friends too, but if you donít want your vanilla friends to know about your alter egos, then donít take both your groups of friends to the same spots. You will be setting yourself up for potential disaster.

Now that you know where to go, let me give you a few pointers about these places in general. Youíll find that a lot of lifestyle clubs, parties, and events are BYOB. The first time I was told an event was BYOB I didnít believe, but they really are, so if you like to drink while youíre out, bring a bottle of your poison of choice. Mixers are usually provided for you either free or for and nominal fee. You will most likely be asked to pay a cover or to give a donation, which in the lifestyle, is the same exact thing. Ladies if you want to come fully covered and get your sexy on later, pack yourself a little bag. Guys, donít forget to bring the condoms if your are not sure they will be provided, and for the very, very few of you that are well endowedÖbring your own. And finally be sure that you truly do READ through all of the rules of the establishment you are going to, so that you donít get caught with your pants down in a bad way.

Von & Roy

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