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Thread: 10:Prodigal Single Male

 Feb 03, 2009 09:33:34 PM
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10:Prodigal Single Male

Today I am going to address a different type of lifestyle participant. Youíve all seen them, and probably had some time of interaction with at least one of them in your endeavors. For those of you that have not yet had the pleasure of being approached by one of these people, donít fretÖyour time will come if you choose to stay in the lifestyle. Who am I talking about? Iím talking about the infamous single male. Let me start by saying, to you single males that might be reading this, please do not take offense. Though Iím sure some of you are truly gentlemen, there a lot of you out there that shouldnít even be in the lifestyle.

Letís start with the facts. In the lifestyle, single males are the least desired participants. Sorry guys, but itís true. Thatís why you guys have the unfortunate privilege of paying more than others at the few clubs that allow single males. With that said, there are a few things you guys should keep in mind.

For starters, before you sign up for any websites, or go to any clubs or parties, educate yourself on the lifestyle. I suggest this to anyone thinking of becoming a swinger, but especially for you guys, so you know what to expect and how to handle yourself. If you are reading this blog, youíre already off to a good start, but look further. There is lots of valuable information out there on the web on sites like, where you can learn the history of swinging, and common terminology.

Donít be overly excited. This could make you come off as being pushy and over bearing which will immediately turn people off to your company. Honestly most couple are either looking for the golden unicorn (single female), or another couple to play with. Some females do not want to play with a male at all and other only want to play if their husbands are playing too, and since most guys are straight, this leave you lonely guys sitting on the sidelines.

One of the biggest no, noís of all for you guys: donít bring some unknowing female, who is your friend, to the party, and try to pass her off as your girlfriend. Just cause youíre a ďcoupleĒ doesnít make you a COUPLE. If I have to explain that to you, then please stop reading now, and leave the lifestyle all together.

If you cannot handle rejection, this is not the lifestyle for you. It happens to everyone in the lifestyle. Even single females will face rejection, so donít take it personal, just move on. But donít couples hop. Itís a huge turn off to watch a single male pathetically hop from couple to couple trying to score. We are already avoiding you so weíve already seen you in action, and watching this just makes us laugh and not even want to chat with you.

Now that Iíve bashed you guys, let me give some advice on what you should do to help with your success. Be confident, but not cocky. Make good conversation. Dress to impress. Iím not saying you have to wear a three piece suit, but donít come out in your dirty jeans, wrinkled shirt, and 5 year old tennis shoes either. SHAVE, and Iím not just talking about your face. Smell nice, but donít bathe in the cologne. And most importantly, be a gentlemen. Respect both the women and the men. Donít go grabbing someoneís ass because they walked by naked in front of you and you think itís a free for all. I assure you, itís not and being disrespectful, will likely get you banned from the venue you are at. Common sense will take you far, but maybe not as far as you think so please do your research, and be respectful. Good luck to you all!

 Feb 05, 2009 12:01:12 PM
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good post. while i am still new to the lifestyle, luckily common sense and basic respect has served as a pretty decent flashlight. ive had some very unique and fun experiences in the phx area clubs and even received a few invites and made contacts that are promising.

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