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Thread: 11:The History of Swinging

 Feb 19, 2009 11:44:51 AM
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11:The History of Swinging

I have learned through my many years of lifestyle experiences, that there are a lot of swingers out there that don’t really know the history of swinging. Some might say, they never found a need to know the history, but I beg to differ. Knowing at least a little about the history helps with understanding the lifestyle and some of the traditions that are still practiced, or that you just might encounter and wonder why people do the things they do. If for no other reason than because it is interesting, you should know, so I’m going to explain to you all with my limited knowledge on the subject.

Just like the internet, wife swapping has military roots. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. During WWII it became acceptable for the wives of fighter pilots, living in communities near their bases, to have “relations” with other pilots. The high fatality rate of the pilots unquestionably played a role in this practice being tolerated. By the end of the next war these groups had spread into other suburbs, and in the late 1950’s the media made the term “wife swapping” even more popular their interest in the lifestyle. If any of you have watched the television show Swingtown, you may have seen the episode where the couples where on the beach having a party, and the wives picked keys out of a bowl. The husband who owned the keys was her “mate” for the night. These practices were quite common at swing parties of that time. These days, people tend to take a little more care in choosing their playmates.

Now you might notice I’m not mentioning anything about singles in the lifestyle. That is because traditionally, swinging is about couples. If you are single and consider yourself to be a swinger, technically you are not, as the term swinger derives from the phrase wife swap. Unmarried couples have been and still are accepted as swingers, but although singles are welcome to some degree, they are not true swingers. Singles are people that some swingers like to play with, as many couples do still prefer to only play with other couples. As there are a lot of bisexual and bi-curious females, single women are more widely accepted than single males. There is not a demand for single males; however there are surpluses of single males out there that are dying to participate. I believe that many of these single men try to get into the lifestyle for the wrong reasons, and there are very few single males that are truly successful in the lifestyle. For this reason most clubs and parties do not even allow single males to attend.

I hope I’ve sparked your interest enough to make you want to know a little more about the origins of swinging. Whether you are a couple, a single female, or even single male, understand that knowing at least a little about the history of swinging can help you to go a long way in the lifestyle.


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