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Thread: The 10 best BDSM movies (Images are NSFW)

 Sep 11, 2012 07:42:15 PM
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The 10 best BDSM movies (Images are NSFW)

BDSM-themed movies, and films with hot kink scenes in them provide us with two very important things: mainstream popular-culture acceptance, and something to jerk the gerk/smack the peach to when we're bored.

Depictions of BDSM in film can be serious, campy, ridiculous, artistic, graphic, funny or just plain hot, but all of them are memorable. We would have a gaping hole in our collective cultural consciousness without ever seeing Dennis Hopper huffing nitrous oxide and domming Isabella Rossellini, or James Spader ordering Maggie Gyllenhaal to bend over the desk. Filling that hole is our top ten list of the best BDSM movies -- you know you want them.


Do you agree with this list?

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