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Thread: 13:Swinger TDs

 Mar 13, 2009 08:14:38 AM
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13:Swinger TDs

I think itís time to talk about a subject matter, in swinging, that can or will affect us all. Iím talking about STDís. Yep, and they are more common in the swinging world than you might think! When I first got into swinging, I took it for granted that most people practiced safe sex, but Iíve met many couples that totally disregard the use of condoms, and some that even seem to get offended if asked to use one. This is a practice that I donít understand. Maybe they think that because they are dealing with another ďcoupleĒ they should be safe because that couple is only having sex with each other. If you think this, you are an idiot. Now please do not take offense, but people:


That means you are probably not the first or the last couple/single we will decide to hit a homerun with. Itís time for people to get off their high horse and stop thinking ďit wonít happen to meĒ. The truth of the matter is STDís are a very real part of the lifestyle and just like mom use to say, although not in relation to swinging, better safe than sorry. Letís be honest, are you really going to go home crying if someone wonít swing with you cause you require them to use protection? I can tell you from personal experience, that you probably wonít lose a wink of sleep. Hereís the bottom lineÖif you want to have sex without protection, look to your partner/spouse. If you want to get down and dirty with another couple, please use protection, if for no other reason than you donít want to end up on Jerry Springer cause you donít know who the Ďbaby daddyí is!


 Jan 24, 2010 01:38:24 PM
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Sometimes it seems like "common sense" goes out the window for a few minutes or days of pleasure. It used to be that one could go blind or pick up nasty stuff that needed to be medicated, but nowadays dying is added to the myriad of things people can pick up in seeking pleasure.

Even with test papers back showing folks to be clean, one never knows what those folks are doing in between getting the test and receiving the results. Can't understand why someone would take a chance on their life, or a loved one's life.

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