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Thread: Men vs Women

 Mar 26, 2009 08:29:53 PM
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Men vs Women

Just a quick question?

Why is it, men are the always the ones to make the final decisions?

When a man and a woman are dating, why is it up to the man to decide whether they should become a couple?

Why is it the man who decides when they should move in together?


Why is it the man who decides when they should get married?

Women... Why are we giving them all the power??

Yes, I understand that there are 10 women for everyone man on this planet, but just because they are the minority, does not mean that there aren't still plenty to go around.

Women think that if they withhold sex from men, that they are in control. That is so not true! They will surely go get it somewhere else.

We women need to learn the differnce between lust, love, infactuation and so forth.

Just because you're fucking a guy and he's giving it to you really good, that doesn't mean that he's not giving it good to three other women (and maybe a man).

Us as women, need to do what we want to please ourselves..

Why are men the only ones who are allowed to "sow thier wild oats"??? So not far, I have some oats to sow!! And sow them I will!!!

Have a great night people!

Vels Freaky Fans

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