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Thread: 15:Double Dutchers, Push Players, Vultures

 Apr 30, 2009 11:20:05 PM
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15:Double Dutchers, Push Players, Vultures

double dutchers pushy players vultures

In my experiences at swinger events over the years, there are always interesting people to watch. Whatís most interesting to me is how people interact with each other both the good and the bad. So this week, Iíve decided to address some of the behavior Iíve observed that I find a little annoying and perhaps suggest alternative actions.

This first kind of people is those I like to call pushy players (Bo-Guarders). I think it is very rude to come up to someone who is in the middle of a conversation and start tonguing them down, sucking on their breast or fingering them. I know and realize the environment of the lifestyle means that while out at an on premise location, there will be sexual acts taking place in unusual places and times, but I still believe in etiquette. To interrupt someoneís conversation for your own pleasure without even acknowledging the people that are talking is rude. If your interested in playing with someone, have the courtesy to either wait till the conversation is over, or at least give them a chance to excuse themselves.

Another situation Iíve observed are what I like to call double dutchers. These are individuals that like to catch a cheap feel while someone is playing without asking permission to join. They look for situations that will allow them to jump in and out without being noticed. This is not only inappropriate; it also violates the rules at most lifestyle events. If you want to be respected in the lifestyle, please donít do this. Youíll be labeled as desperate and infuriating and probably eventually banned from parties, and clubs.

The last individuals Iím going to address are the vultures. This can be either a couple or a single at a party that lurks around looking for easy prey, usually someone that has had a little too much to drink. Then they try to take advantage of the person by seeing how far they will go before they realize whatís happening. These are the saddest types of people to see because they are so desperate to "score" that they have no regards to if someone is attracted to them or not.

In a lot of ways, lifestyle events should be treated like any other event you would attend in reference to how you interact with people. Be respectful and polite and you will go far and soon find success.


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