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Thread: 20:Its called RESPECT.

 Aug 23, 2009 05:26:29 PM
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20:Its called RESPECT.

Maybe I am old fashioned or maybe its my strong sense of doing what's right no matter how difficult the right thing inevitably always is.....but when people embrace the lifestyle, treat other lifestylers with the same RESPECT you would ask of others.

What I mean is that each lifestyler has in their own mind what they aspire or desire out of the lifestyle itself. Often times, those aspirations or desires are selfish, but hey...we all are looking out for our own wants/needs. As my beautiful partner just put to me, part of the lifestyle is selfish in nature but what makes you a quality lifestyler is finding a balance between giving to others while fulfilling your own desires. This is why respect is such an issue for me.

Single persons, whether male or female, often have the odds stacked against them as couples tend to be the norm at parties, clubs or on the sites. Of course you men out there definately have a tougher time than single women.

I have personally witnessed disrespectul actions by persons in the lifestyle both on the sites as well as at gatherings both public and private. So I guess this is what I would like to say:

Please don't make statements about people you do not know as opinions that are made unless positive need to be kept to yourself. You never know who these people are friends with or the ripples in the water that this causes. If you believe the comments are made in jest, don't make them until you have established a repour with those individuals....and even then a house party or club is probably not the best place to make them anyway.

Often times, couples are there with the person that they love and adore. These partners share something very special with their respective spouse or partner and enjoy the lifestyle together! NEVER make comments such as, "Too bad you are not single," to a partner or any comment that can be construed as one that may potentially damage that couple. Believe me, the spouses/significant others talk and word gets around. To be envious of those who have that special bond together is understandable as it is truly difficult to find, but to be jealous and make comments that may potentially be disrespectful to either partner is a serious issue with me.

There are many ways of saying nicely to another person to stop what they are doing. Examples are:

No thank you....
Please don't do that.....
I'm wiped out....
I need a break....

These are just a few examples. Let's be very clear on this next matter how it is conveyed....NO MEANS NO and STOP means STOP!!!! PERIOD. It doesn't matter if a woman wants a train run on her with 20 men...and the 21st man goes to saddle up and she says no.....NO means NO.

I feel that if people used a little more respect towards others, the lifestyle would be sooo much more enjoyable for everyone and the burn out would reduce tremendously.

We personally have been fortunate to have met some very quality lifestylers and surround ourselves with them. Those who know us, know who you are.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate the forum to convey my thoughts.

S & K

 Sep 18, 2009 12:30:59 AM
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we love how you guys can just write and express yourselves so good.. wish we could.
we luckily haven't had any problems like you've seen or maybe had, but we've known several people who have. Hopefully people will agree with you or see the light and start being good to others.. all we all want to do is have fun and be happy while horny,,lol.. and to make friends, be it with benifits or without.. and they are ruining the whole barrel of apples with bad attitudes.

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