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Thread: What ever happened to Hello?

 Sep 09, 2009 03:28:00 PM
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What ever happened to Hello?

Good afternoon again! I have another point I would like to get off my chest and again, please feel free to comment either publicly or privately on this....!

On another site, K and I recieved an email requesting to see our private photos that we keep locked up until that time which we have spoken to those people or individuals enough to allow access to our private photos. Yes, without a doubt, K has most or all of the photos up there....not to hide how hideous I (S) am but because of privacy. This is how we recieved the email, "Could we peek at your locked pics, plsss."

We have never chatted with these people before....don't know if we have met them at a party or not...and out of the blue, want us to just open our locked photos. I replied in jest, how bold a request from someone we don't know and they took offense.

Many in the lifestyle choose to keep what goes on behind close doors private from the rest of the world.....and that is our right and choice. I guess if you really want to see the photos that people have chosen to keep private, maybe start by saying HELLO! What a novel idea! I guess it goes back to the respect thing I spoke about in an earlier blog.

We are not ashamed of our fact we LOVE our lifestyle and embrace it. However, I don't think some employers, school teachers or friends of my son's friends or even some church members would agree with me.....nor do they have too. That is why we keep them private until we feel comfortable enough to share everything. We don't feel this is too much to ask and from the people we have met in the lifestyle, have heard those sentiments reciprocated numerous times.

People, if you wanna play and want to know if the chemistry is there, start by saying hello. Don't ask for photos to be shown or expect photos to be shown to you with out a little interpersonal communication first. We put up the pics we want people to see and have locked away those we don't unless we know you. Pretty simple concept.

Thank you,

S & K

 Sep 18, 2009 12:19:42 AM
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oh, we whole heartedly agree with you..we think those asking right off the bat are just out to see the pics and that's it.. tsk tsk...huh? we love showing out naughty pics off but we do like a little foreplay was it over on sls? we're there too... hope to see ya there and here some more... ;)

 Jan 24, 2010 02:01:27 PM
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Hear Hear! Or in this case it would be Read Read? 8-)
Some folks are truly naive and others forget about common courtesy, but for the most in my experience I rarely find folks that read a profile.
Some people that ask for one's private pics might be looking for collecting or masturbation activities, or to use as their own in other places. Sad!

I love to read, and if I look in to someone's profile I try to leave at least a comment saying hello or thanks for sharing a view! The same way if am in the street and someone walks by close, and our eyes meet, I will say hello or smile!

 Feb 18, 2011 10:52:26 PM
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We get those all the time. Most are just guys that want to wack off ( forgive my crassness ) and then they're gone ... or pic collectors ... we keep most of ours private as well ... if someone shows an interest we're glad to show ... we're not frakenstein and the bride but we're not ken and barbie either ... pix only go so far chemistry is more important anyways

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