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Thread: 24:Damn, we missed it!!

 Jan 31, 2010 11:44:04 PM
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24:Damn, we missed it!!
Ok, I know there are many of professional swingers out there that don't have kids or their kids are grown up and out. But then there's us, you know who I’m talking too, we have young kids and crazy jobs that takes up all of our time, and when there is an event that we want to attend we can't, "together", so we stay home cause we can't fine anyone trustworthy enough to look after our kids when we're out indulging ourselves. To put the icing on the cake, we then have the few friends that still call us, tell us how much fun they had. We then end up with mixed feelings.

The last thing you want on your mind when you out having fun, is to consistently have to worry if your kids are ok. Therefore staying home seems to be the best option. We tried the, one go this time and the other the next but it's not the same. Especially when you both entered into the lifestyle at the same time, you want to have that experience together. When you get older and can't do this anymore it would be great to reminisce together, about those dick sucking, clit licking, ass pounding, titty jumping hell of a great time.

Well, we've grown to take the disappointment and just “suck it up”, but when there is an event that you know is going to be fabulous then you get the conformation that it was, of course after you missed it, all you can think is...Damn!! we missed it. Grandma !!!! where are you??


 Feb 01, 2010 08:58:05 AM
Posts: 592
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Roy you are not alone in your disappointment but it is not an impossible situation. I do have a suggestion that might help in the sense that you are seeking to have good memories.
Don't know how hard it will be for you, but I have known couples in the past that were in the same shoe, and they would get together with other couples with children and form a ring where one couple would take care of all the children for one night (or afternoon) and rotate that way everyone could have some fun while they knew their children were safe.

It takes time to set it up but since swinging is not just about the humping, it can be integrated into families hanging out together and doing other things together like camping, BBQ's, going to the beach or a lake outings. The possibilities are endless, and in the end you might end up with more friends in larger groups.
It will not help right away as you will want to get to know all about the other couples habits and behaviors, but it would be fun in that you could hang out with others that have same ideas as yours.
Hope my suggestion helps!

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