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Thread: MsBambie swinging with N'Deavours by Maria

 Feb 02, 2010 02:23:30 PM
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MsBambie swinging with N'Deavours by Maria

Ms Bambie swings at Maria's Ndeavours
4:32AM on October 14, 2008

Ms Bambie swingin’ through the weekend at Maria’s Ndeavours
© 2008 Alley Cat Media

Dateline: September 27, 2008

A fella called YELLADICKGIVER wrote to Ms Bambie, “How's your weekend?” Since he asked, and everyone wants to know, here is the climax of Ms Bambie’s weekend:

Ms Bambie and I attended a swinger party in Los Angeles, near LAX, on Saturday night. Two members of our Naughty Gurlz Parties swinger group met us there for a SwingatMariasNdeavours inter-ethnic party. My friend, Maria the Hawaiian Heat, hosts these parties monthly in Los Angeles and every other week in San Diego. Maria has one of the largest interracial, internet-based swinger groups around with over 50,000 members worldwide.

Ms Bambie rummaged through her walk-in closet and emerged wearing black, skin-tight pants painted onto her curvaceous lower trunk and her sculpted legs. One could get dizzy following the contours of her southern extremities, seasick even, just by letting the mind’s eye roll along her anatomical hills and valleys.

Begin with the gluteal enormousness once called gluteus maximus but, thanks to a friend we call Bestchoc, is now known as Ass Almighty. Cartographers know it as Great Mountain of the Massive Ass, a dense, expansive and fortified structure higher than Mount Whitney. The rare air atop that monster of muscularity makes the descent to the femoral biceps (back of her thighs) a thrill ride the rival of anything that Six Flags Over Texas might offer.

Your eyes ski down the chocolate slopes into the small of her knee and then slingshot across her gastrocnemius muscles. Centripetal forces hold you into the descent leading to the Achilles tendon and ‘round the heel. You envision the Hershey’s syrup sweating down her inner thighs and your mouth moistens.

We strut into Maria’s party early, as is my custom, bringing with us Tim and Laria from our swinger group (“Tim” and “Laria” are pseudonyms). Tim is 40-ish, slender, tall and easy going with brown hair and eyes. An ex-Marine (if there is such a thing as an ex-Marine), he carries himself quietly forceful. Ms Bambie, who is turned on by blond hair/blue eyed white guys is taken by Tim’s strong good looks, considers his presentation and speculates as to his “package.” She expects that he is not packin’ much.

Laria is a stout, shapely lady, Asian ethnically, with intelligence written all over her countenance. She is seductive without effort and thick in all of the best, sexiest ways. Laria wears a kimono-influenced dressing gown that hugs her form to wondrous and flattering effect. She is bejeweled in stunning gold chains and rings. Hungry eyes follow her as she crosses the room.

Ms Bambie, after chatting in the sitting room for an hour, retires to one of the bedrooms in the suite to get the party started – with me. As we begin our passionate mattress dance, Tim and Laria begin theirs in the bed next to ours. We like nothing better than serious swingers who come to play, not parry.

Ms Bambie and I are not the focus of this story so I’ll spare you the details. It is Tim and Ms Bambie about whom I want to report.

After dispatching me with her usual efficiency, Ms Bambie showers and looks for Tim. He has deposited himself in the sitting room while Laria and I engage one another in a sizzling liaison that began with succulent fellatio, tenderly rendered. As Laria licks cream remnants from my spigot, Ms Bambie enters the room with Tim in tow. His dick is already battling its girding as his eyes lust after Ms Bambie’s demolition derriere.

Tim falls to the bed, undressing as he alights. Ms Bambie, already naked with bulging, buffed vulva follows Tim, landing across his trunk. Tim’s pole stiffens to full mast and Ms Bambie swallows it in one gulp. Tim gasps as his legs lock. They are off to the races.

Ms Bambie towels Tim’s dick with her tongue, gums and lips expertly, his dick pulsing repeatedly under the assault. His penile veins bulge as Tim’s dick battles for parity in what is Ms Bambie’s turf clearly. Laria and I, in the adjacent bed, are so busy attending to each other that we have to steal glances at Ms Bambie and Tim performing their own mattress mambo next to us.

Ms Bambie moans and sighs as she entertains her salivary glands with Tim’s pre-cum delights; Tim simply moans. Rallying a few minutes into it, Tim wraps his lips around Ms Bambie’s vulva majora. Tim tickles the pussy’s lips with his tongue while working his way to Ms Bambie’s honey hole (not to be mistaken for the Hershey tunnel). Ms Bambie accommodates Tim by straddling his face in the classic 69 position done right. Her pussy is dripping dew and Tim slurps while swallowing; he doesn’t miss a drop. Ms Bambie is impressed.

Twenty minutes into the 69, Tim pulls Ms Bambie from his stalk and flattens her into the missionary position. Ms Bambie flexes her thighs and ratchets her knees up to her ears – “Cum to me, sweetie. Put it right here,” says she. Tim inserts himself and throttles into gear. Tim’s dick swells with excitement and Ms Bambie’s eyes widen – WTF? From where did he get all THAT dick? “It wasn’t there a minute ago,” she seems to say. Tim unfurled his stealth missile to Ms Bambie’s amazement – and appreciation.

He whispers to her, “I don’t cum so I don’t want you to think it’s you. I never cum.” Of course, Ms Bambie takes that as a challenge. Tim begins the piston thrusts and Ms Bambie holds on as his massive meat monster catches her by surprise completely as it continues to engorge. She says to herself again, WTF? Tim is masterful and loving…yeah, loving. He says to her how beautiful she is, repeatedly, and his eyes drip with longing. Ms Bambie smiles at the adoration but focuses on the task at hand. Less talk, more action.

With Ms Bambie’s legs now outstretched and toes pointing skyward, Tim tilts forward onto his toes and bangs away. Ms Bambie bends into a pretzel in response to Tim’s charge, her body forming a letter V. Onlookers roll in and out of the room awaiting their turn with the sexy Ms Bambie but Tim ain’t nearly done. It’s passed the hour mark and he’s going strong.

Slowing to a walk, Tim removes himself from Ms Bambie and drags her ass wagon to the edge of the bed. Once situated, he licks her clit vigorously, dragging his tongue gingerly across the length of her pussy. Tim inserts his tongue deeply into Ms Bambie’s joy tunnel as if searching for a lost watch, jewelry or rare coins. He plunges his tongue so deeply that the back of his throat echoes the sounds of Tim sipping Ms Bambie’s sensuous Moët.

Tim’s wood returns so he remounts Ms Bambie as they round the 90-minute mark. He’s stroking with authority and Ms Bambie, obviously still in awe, holds on and keeps up. Tim layers Ms Bambie’s neck and face with wet kisses, searching eagerly for her mouth. Alas, Ms Bambie kisses only me so Tim’s efforts are deflected. Unfazed, Tim continues the endearments as he tenderizes Ms Bambie’s passion fruit further.

Switch reels. They change positions again and Ms Bambie is back into fellatio, deep-throating Tim’s sausage without gagging. Tim requites Ms Bambie by burying his head in her cum canal. Their bodies link together as they rock the bed and roll the room. They match stroke for stroke, lick for lick, slurp for slurp, and then Tim grabs Ms Bambie’s waist, twisting her into the ass-backward position known as Doggy Style.

Tim grips her hips firmly and plugs Ms Bambie’s juice pot with his pole. He rams her from the rear with a steady, long-pull motion that drags his dick out to its head before plunging into Ms Bambie’s happy harbor, cozying up to his pubis. Ms Bambie buries her head in the sheets as Tim has his way with that pussy. Tim has found the golden ring and ain’t lettin’ go.

Tim pounds away for what seems an eternity before shifting positions again, this time to the cowgirl. Ms Bambie mounts her steed and heads for them thar hills. Riding rambunctiously, Ms Bambie bounds valiantly with her arms held akimbo, later raising them to her head with her elbows cupping her ears. Her spine undulates as an erotic snake in the midst of a seizure, rocking Tim’s resolve.

Over her shoulder, Ms Bambie vets my technique with Laria. We’re embraced in a 77 (spoon) position nearing the end of our event. I am scant minutes away from my own terminal action, pushing my rod as deeply into Laria from the rear as her internal architecture will allow. We are one unit making something as unlikely as love at a swinger party; the heat sizzles from our bed and our own passion immolates us. Unfortunately, this isn’t our anecdote. Pity. It would be a hot one.

Tim flips Ms Bambie back into missionary. Ms Bambie then locks her thighs, trapping Tim’s dick in her juicy pussy’s cavern and rapidly pounds up into him. Yeah, Ms Bambie is now fucking HIM. Just when you thought you’d seen it all. Tim contorts his face in a pleasant way and drives for the advantage. Ms Bambie is in charge now, though. Tim stiffens suddenly in the peculiar rigor mortis of ejaculation. His nutts drain into his condom as he embraces Ms Bambie’s ass and waist with whole arms, exhaling loudly. Tim paints Ms Bambie’s neck with his kisses, massaging her collar with his lips as he savors the orgasm.

Tim apologizes for cumming. Ms Bambie smiles knowingly. They are one for one; this is his first time cumming at a party. This is her first time falling to a stereotype; never again for her. She is now impressed dutifully.

Ms Bambie rises, thanks Tim, then sets off to shower and seek out her next victim. Ms Bambie strides through the sitting room and throws the entire assemblage off-balance. The perfect form of her thighs and ass package drops jaws along her route and fixes many a gaze in her direction. The girl sizzles even as she struts.


 Feb 26, 2010 09:49:03 AM
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Hey KC.... as always your work with words are magnificent... thanks for sharing that wonderful piece... (No pun intended).

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