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Thread: 26: The Lock Down

 Apr 04, 2010 10:37:56 PM
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26: The Lock Down
Everyone likes to see a little eye candy and even be the eye candy for others on occasion. Lifestyle parties are the perfect environment for this. The ladies get to dress up in their naughtiest skin baring outfit and the gentlemen come along for the ride. It’s always apparent which guys are insecure by how close they stay to their ladies. There are the guys that will let their woman have her fun, and then there are those practically holding their partner by the neck to keep her from escaping. I am a firm believer in staying in touch with your partner when you attend a lifestyle event; however, it is okay to give each other a little breathing room. Letting your partner wander off for a few minute will not inevitably result in you walking in on them in a compromising position. The key to communicate with each other before hand about your expectations and to make sure you are both secure in your relationship. Insecurities are bound to cause problems for any couple but particularly for a couple in the swinger lifestyle.

Now there are occasions when your partner may get bombarded by other with propositions and promises of a good time, but that’s where confidence and credit come into play. You have to have confidence in your partner and give them credit that they can handle their own and tell someone they are not interested. Not doing so is a red flag to “predators” and they’ll make every effort to catch the prey they have set their eyes on. The goal is for you and your partner to have fun whether that allows for individual play or couple play, so keep an eye on each other, but give each other a little breathing room too. If nothing else it might make your conversation on the way home a little more interesting, because you’ll both have a little bit on individual interaction with your fellow swingers.


 Apr 30, 2010 11:04:01 AM
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After reading this blog...hubby and I totally agree. It's all about having Fun, Trusting your partners, and keeping the communication open about the Do's and the Don'ts. We have attended only one party and can say...on the way home we talked about it what we enjoyed giving and receiving to the swingers...our Making Love together at home was very very HOT!!! but when we are experiencing the fun at the party it's having Sex.

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