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Thread: 1: How to Introduce Swing

 Oct 01, 2008 10:00:32 PM
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1: How to Introduce Swing

I was browsing and ran into this great article and thought i would be great to put on here and see what you guys taught

A swinger’s lifestyle is not a lifestyle for everyone. It is not your typical relationship or choice. A swinger lifestyle for a married couple is something that has to be a mutual desire on both parts. It is a lifestyle where trust issues, jealousy issues and insecurity issues may not come into play. Therefore, respect, unselfishness, support and communications must always be a key factor in your relationship at all times. There is no room for confusion, instability or doubt because it can ruin your relationship.

If you finally decide this is a lifestyle for you, then this lifestyle should be an enrichment of your marriage and partnership. Everything must be discussed and agreed upon before the actual encounter. The discussion should be based on each of your individual fantasies, needs and desires. Communication is a key factor always. Be open to any questions and answers that may be brought up and be prepared to answer then truthfully. One of these questions may be, why do you want to swing? Take your time in answering. It takes time to become totally comfortable with the whole idea. Always remember that pushing someone that you love into doing something that they are not comfortable with may cost you your marriage.

You should first, go to a swingers club. There is always less pressure in a social gathering where this lifestyle is totally acceptable. This is a much safer and less stressful way to “get your feet wet” with the lifestyle. Here you will see and talk to people who have your same ideals and fantasies. Your first visit may only be to watch couples engage in group sex. It may take several months of “just watching” before you actually participate in the swinging. In any case, this experience will be extremely important for the newbie couple.

Just remember that swinging is a way of life, not just a fad.

Author: Eddie Delgado

what are your thoughts?

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