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Thread: 2:How do I get into Swinging

 Oct 31, 2008 10:59:48 PM
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2:How do I get into Swinging

A common question among the curious is: How do I get into swinging? Although this should definitely be one of the first questions that comes to mind, it is not the best question to ask. If you are in a relationship and are interested in the lifestyle, you must first master the art of communication with your partner. Most "green" couples that I have met have barely spoken about swinging before the find themselves either in a lifestyle club or even worse, in a situation wondering how they got there, what they got themselves into and/or how to get out of the situation with their relationship still intact. If you are not comfortable talking about what you like with your partner sexually and if you and your partner have not mastered you own sex life, then swinging is probably not the road to take just yet.

For those of you that have a great sex life and are looking for spice, you are on the right track, but you must lay some ground rules first. There is no right or wrong answer, as long as both parties are comfortable with the rules. Gentlemen, if you are itching to have sex with another woman and think that a threesome is going to be the perfect addition, then you also need to wrap you mind around the fact that you wife is probably going to eventually if not up front, want to get busy with another guy. If you can't handle that, then swinging is not for you. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, women rule the world of sex.

Don't believe me? Keep this in mind before you doubt my theory. Women have been deciding the who, the when, and the where of their sex lives since they where little girls and learned that boys don't have cooties. Little boys have been trying to get in their pants since they learned what an erection was and most women have mastered, in some way, the skill of getting what they want before sex is even on the table, whether that's love or a new car! So fellas, take care of your woman, be prepared for her to be more into it than you are, and she'll take care of you. The bottom line is, make sure your relationship is as healthy as it can be before you decide to bring someone else into it cause thatís the last thing you want is for something that was supposed to make you closer, becoming the end of your relationship.

Author:Von @ swingerology

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